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50+ High-Quality Vegan Blogs to Follow in 2023

vegan blogsVeganism is a lifestyle with numerous advantages, from health benefits to ethical concerns. As more individuals become aware of the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle, the demand for reliable resources and information on veganism continues to grow. However, with the numerous information on the internet, it can be challenging for vegans or those interested in a plant-based lifestyle to find credible and reliable information. Whether you’re beginning your vegan journey or are an experienced vegan, getting up-to-date trends, vegan recipes, and information is vital.


vegan blogsHow can you get reliable and credible up-to-date information? This blog post provides a comprehensive guide on the plant-based lifestyle and explores 50+ high-quality vegan blogs you should be following in 2023. Experienced and knowledgeable vegan writers, nutritionists, and chefs run these blogs to provide valuable insights, practical advice, and inspiration on veganism.


What are the Great Reasons to be a Vegan?


The popularity of veganism is steadily growing as many individuals become aware of the impact of food choices on the environment, animal welfare, and health. There are more than enough reasons to adopt a vegan lifestyle. Here are the compelling reasons to become a vegan:


Health benefits


The potential health benefits is the most significant reason you should consider going vegan. Studies show that a well-planned vegan diet provides the body with the necessary nutrients to keep it healthy, such as vitamins, calcium, iron, and protein. Besides the necessary nutrients, the diet helps to lower the risk of various chronic diseases, like type 2 diabetes, heart complications, etc.


Environmental sustainability


Research links animal agriculture to deforestation, water pollution, green gas emissions, and other issues that degrade the environment. You can reduce or eliminate your carbon footprint and protect the environment by keeping off animal products in your diet.


Moral and ethical concerns


Most individuals opt for a plant-based lifestyle for ethical and moral reasons. It helps reduce the exploitation of animals for human consumption. Thus, going vegan helps you to stand against animal cruelty.


Variety of delicious food options


While most individuals believe veganism means sacrificing food variety and taste, a plant-based diet offers many food options. You can get various vegan recipes in cookbooks and online to create exciting and creative new vegan meals. The diet contains satisfying and delicious foods like legumes, grains, nuts, vegetables, etc.


Enhances Weight Loss


Switching to a vegan diet is the best strategy to help you lose weight. Most plant-based diets usually have low calories and higher fiber content that makes you feel satisfied for a long time. When you feel satisfied for a long time, it reduces your craving for unky meals. In addition, a vegan diet helps to lower cholesterol and saturated fat levels that may hinder your weight loss journey.


Helps improve digestion


Switching to a vegan diet helps to improve your food digestion. Experts reveal that plant-based diets have higher fiber content that helps to prevent constipation and enhance digestion. In addition, these foods have probiotics that support a healthy gut microbiome.


High-Quality Vegan Blogs to Follow in 2023


The numerous information and resources online make it hard to choose the most reputable and credible one. Why choose a reputable and high-quality blog? Choosing a high-quality blog is key to getting credible and up-to-date information on veganism. Below are the high-quality vegan blogs to follow in 2023.


1.   Plant based RD


It’s one of the most reputable sources of information on training suggestions, supplies, vegan recipes, and articles. The author explores different vitamin training suggestions and plant-based vegan recipes.


2.    One arab vegan


One Arab Vegan is a top vegan blog for assets, evaluations, tips, and suggestions on plant-based dishes. Nada (the author) shares that her favorite plant-based and vegan dishes have a center-eastern taste.


3.   Dianne’s vegan kitchen


The site provides stepwise vegan recipes on plant-based recipes and tips. With images, the author provides tips on how to prepare, customize, and serve vegan meals.


4.    Internationally eat


The internationally eat blog provides plant-based recipes and training to help you select healthy meals. Cindy ( a licensed well-being coach) outlines various plant-based assets and recipes, including train movies and suggestions.


5.   The nut-free vegan


The author shares various nut-free wholesome, and scrumptious vegan meals to provide a better alternative for vegans with allergic reactions. In addition, he adds high-quality and informative images of the recipes.


6.   Cadry’s kitchen


Cadry’s meal focuses on plant-based and vegan consolation meals that suit the whole household.


7.   Our plant-based mostly world


This blog consists of various plant-based recipes from across the globe. The authors use high-quality content to share and explain scrumptious vegan recipes influencing cultures worldwide.


8.   Vegan runner eats


It’s a versatile blog that contains lifestyle, cooking suggestions, parenting, and supplies recipes. The author focuses on helping households to adopt a vegan lifestyle to enhance a fulfilling and sustainable approach.


9.   VNutrition


VNutrition is a top vegan blog specializing in cooking suggestions, vitamin guides, and merchandise. The authors tell her audience about plant-based diets’ tasty, wholesome, and simple nature.


10.  Veggiekins


With the objective to unfold love and choice of the right vegan recipe, the author shares various recipes and meals. Veggiekins allows you to explore oil-free, refined sugar, and gluten-free choices.


11. Sharon palmer


It’s a versatile vegan blog with various meal classes, vitamin articles, sustainable residing suggestions, and how to cook plant-based foods.


12. Vegans baby


The author uses the blog to provide recipes from celebrated cooks and various vegan eating guides. With the website, you’ll explore various recipes and eating guides from the world of plant-based meals.


13. No sweat vegan


No sweat vegan is a top vegan blog where you can learn various plant-based information. For instance, you can enjoy salt elective, sugar-free, and oil-free recipes.


14. Short girl tall order


It’s the best website for vegans to learn about plant-based desserts and recipes. Despite starting as a blog for the author’s favorite dessert recipes, currently, it offers various scrumptious plant-based recipes.


15.  Veeg


It’s a vegan blog with various health-minded tidbits and hyperlinks. The author enjoys sharing his favorite gluten-free and vegan recipes.


16.  Pamela Fergusson


Besides the general content on plant-based recipes, Pamela Fergusson offers private sessions. The knowledgeable authors provide comprehensive guidelines to help you transition to a plant-based lifestyle.


17. Vegan Richa


Vegan Richa is an award-winning vegan blog that shares various vegan recipes. You can enjoy various plant-based recipes with oil-free choices, soy-nut, and gluten.


18. Deliciously Ella


It’s a top vegan blog that provides a wide range of information on a plant-based lifestyle. You can get a sequence of the podcast, vegan recipes, and plant-based meal merchandise.


19. Oh She Glows


The author uses the blog to share family-friendly, plant-based, and vegan recipes. You explore more information on allergy-free and gluten-free choices from the blog.


20. Love and Lemons


It’s a husband and spouse vegan blog that helps to provide plant-based recipes. Love and Lemons contain useful data and three cookbooks about plant-based merchandise and cooking fundamentals.


21. Plant-based mostly juniors


Registered dietitians run this vegan blog to share plant-based and vegan lifestyle content. The blog is usually unique as it focuses on pediatric and prenatal veganism.


22. Vegan yack assault


The author provides content that helps you understand various plant-based and vegan recipes. Most vegans prefer this blog as it also includes recipe or menu improvement suggestions, classes, and informative images.


23. Make it dairy free


It’s an award winning vegan blog with current plant-based recipes and vitamin assets.


24. My vegan minimalist


My vegan minimalist offers stepwise directions on making plant-based meals, which makes it the best alternative for beginners. The recipe process involves visual teaching to enhance perfection.


25. This rawsome vegan life


This vegan blog contains product evaluations, recipe demos, and supplies recipes. After preparing uncooked vegan desserts, the author began this platform to help vegans prepare plant-based and uncooked recipes.


26.  Straightforward chickpeasy


It’s an insightful plant-based blog that provides various information on veganism. Straightforward chickpeasy provides reference research and vitamin data. In addition, it provides information on various ingredient variations and substitutions for the recipes.


27.  Taylor Wolfram


The author ( a registered dietitian) uses this vegan blog to provide information on self-care, a specialty of intuitive consumption. In addition, you can also find vitamin counseling and programs on this site.


28.  Plant-based on a finances


It’s one of the best vegan blogs for accessible, tasty, and inexpensive plant-based recipe options. You can use the information to create a straightforward and scrumptious diet without breaking the bank.


29. Chocolate coated katie


It’s a top meal weblog that provides guidance on pure desserts, including vegan with sugar-free, soy, and gluten-free choices.


30. Emilie Eats


Emilie eats is a great resource for vegans. The blog contains content that can guide you in creating mouth-watering plant-based meals.


31. Olive for dinner


It’s a plant-based blog that offers various supplies, vegan recipes, evaluations, and interviews. The author uses the site to share different East-Asian-inspired dishes and vegan seafood.


32. Minimalist vegan


The blog has various articles on supplies, assets & articles on veganism, sustainable residing, and minimalism. Minimalist veganism can help you meet plant-based stability and manifesto.


33. My goodness kitchen


The author uses the blog site to provide supplies, assets, and vegan recipes. You can get much-loved and traditional plant-based dishes, including gluten-free choices.


34. The Korean vegan


 This vegan blog provides credible and informative information on gluten-free, plant-based ,and vegan recipes.


35. Candy greens vegan


The candy greens vega

n is a top blog providing information on restaurant evaluations, supplies, recipes, and suggestions. The author helps you prepare plant-based dishes that enhance your meatless Mondays.


36. Pick up limes


This blog lets you get all the plant-based recommendations, suggestions, tips, and recipes. Besides the vegan information, the author uses the blog to provide tips about sports activities and digestive wellness.


37.  Vegan well being


The authors who are registered dietitians use the blog to provide discussions, suggestions, and supply evaluations on veganism. This evidence-based nutrients website provides appropriate suggestions, discussions, and evaluations on vegan diets.


38. Black vegans rocks


The creator uses the platform to share information on plant-based interviews and assets from various vegans individuals, especially in the black neighborhood.


39.  Fried Dandelions


This blog gives you various restaurant evaluations, articles, and supplies recipes. With the vegan recipes, you’ll enjoy allergy-friendly and pleasant household dishes.


40. Veggies save the day


The author (an experienced well-being coach) shares different plant-based-based and vegan recipes on this site. Despite offering general recipes, the blog specializes on the Mediterranean.


41. My darling vegan


My darling vegan is one of the oldest vegan blogs you can get credible information on plant-based lifestyles. The author provides information on household pleasant and plant-based recipes.


42. The full serving to


This vegan blog provides content on enjoyable and accessible vegan cooking. You’ll get various plant-based recipes or details with oil-free, soy, and tree-nut choices.


43.  Veggies don’t bite


The author uses this blog to share enjoyable plan-based, sugar-free, and gluten-free recipes. He uses the entire meal elements for creating these straightforward vegan recipes.


44.  Sarah’s vegan guide


It’s a top blog that focuses on meal plans, suggestions, assets, eating, and touring places. The author uses the platform to share her cost-efficient, attractive, straightforward vegan recipes.


45.  Beautiful ingredients


It’s a website where you can find various 30-minute vegan recipes. You can get various options from gluten-free, refined sugar-free to oil-free.


46.  Resplendent kitchen


The resplendent kitchen is a top blog where the author focuses on healthy vegan recipes and seasonal meals. You can use the knowledge or insights to create your favorite plant-based dishes.


47. Strength and sunshine


The author (Rebecca) uses the blog to share information on celiac meal allergy teaching and supplies recipes. The recommendations and suggestions can help you learn more about creating an allergen-free, gluten-free, vegan diet.


48. Plant-based cooking


With the medication teacher’s experience and plant-based vitamin knowledge, the author uses this blog to help vegans. It contains information on meal planning, storage, and plant-based recipes.


49. Plant-based with Amy


It’s one of the top vegan blogs that contains numerous plant-based recipes, downloadable assets, and an informative weblog. The author uses straightforward and scrumptious recipes to help you prepare these meals.


50. Purely planted


It’s a wellness blog comprising eco-living, yoga, meditation, plant-based vitamins, and taking motion for animals.


51. Sweet simple vegan


Candy easy vegan remains a top blog for vegans. The authors ( Chris and Jasmine) share their creativity in creating different plant-based dishes.


Summing Up



vegan blogsThe rapid growth of the vegan community has led to an increase in resources and information to support plant-based lifestyles. Regardless of your experience level, following high-quality vegan blogs inspires, informs, and connects you with individuals from the community. Above are 50+ best vegan blogs you should be following in 2023. We’ve considered the quality, credibility, content value, and user engagement to get these top options. Remember, veganism isn’t a diet but a lifestyle, and following these blogs helps you stay engaged and up-to-date with the latest in the vegan community.


Frequently Asked Questions


What makes a vegan blog high quality?


When choosing a high-quality vegan blog, ensure that it offers well-researched and informative articles. In addition, the blog should have a wealth of credible information on plant-based lifestyles and easy-to-follow recipes.


What criteria can I use to determine the top vegan blogs to follow in 2023?


Consider the reliability and quality of information on the site or article to get top vegan blogs. In addition, check the user experience, level of engagement with readers, and the overall design.


Can I get specific dietary needs from these blogs, such as soy- and gluten-free diets?


Most blogs offer articles with content on various topics, including specific dietary needs. These specific dietary needs include soy-free and gluten-free diets. While not all vegan blogs provide this information, it’s vital to research and get the one with the content meeting your specific needs.


How can I benefit from following a vegan blog?


Following a vegan blog exposes you to a wealth of information on plant-based lifestyles, including recipes, lifestyle tips, and nutrition. You can also connect with individuals in the veganism family with whom you can share your interests and values. Following a vegan blog inspires and motivates your plant-based lifestyle journey.


Can I follow a vegan blog even if I’m not vegan?


You can follow a vegan blog even if you aren’t a vegan. The blog will provide you with valuable information or guidelines on plant-based living and help you make the best lifestyle or diet choices. The information can help you transform into veganism by discovering new and delicious and healthy vegan recipes.


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