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The 12 Best Matt and Nat Vegan Tote Bags from Canada with Love

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Good vegan bags can become a well-loved and well-worn item for many when cases, backpacks, and other practical vegan bags aren’t suitable. They can come in a range of shapes and styles to suit our needs, but often come with the downside of real leather. Thankfully, the brand Matt and Nat bags are made vegan and its mission to create vegan tote bags among other must-have vegan items.


What is a Vegan Tote Bag?



Vegan bags are one where you can be sure that no animal was harmed in order to make the item. This means the use of alternatives to materials or any other element that may involve animals and animal byproducts in the process. Most tote bags use leather, but vegan PU leather from plant materials can be just as attractive and practical. Ideally, you also want to find a brand that works with sustainable and recycled materials and is cruelty-free to know that you are dealing with people with a green and ethical conscience.


Who Are Matt and Nat?


matt and nat material nature vegan tote bagsMatt and Nat is actually an abbreviation for Material and Nature, which encapsulated their desire to bring us brilliant designs with beneficial materials that help nature. They are a vegan brand and always have been since they started in 1995. This Montreal company has grown in the last 25 years to bring ethical bags to people across the world and continues to work on new ways to improve its lines in sustainable and eco-friendly ways.


What Makes Matt and Nat Vegan Tote Bags Vegan?



recycled plastic bottles make matt and nat vegan bags lining

While these stylish vegan bags may have the look of real leather, they are far from it. Matt and Nat are fully vegan and cruelty-free to bring you stylish tote bags and more that mimic the real thing with none of the guilt. They do this with premium quality faux leather tote bags but also go further by introducing recycled materials for greater green credentials. The linings of the tote bags are made from recycled plastic bottles. In fact, they claim to recycle 9 million of them a year through the manufacture of these bags.


Matt and Nat Vegan Tote Bags Collection


1) ABBI – Loom


abbi vegan tote bag - loom


These Abbi Vegan Tote Bags – Loom are spacious tote bags that provide more than enough room for everything you might need during the day, with the added security of a metal zip closure. It is 12 inches high, 13.5 long, and 5.75 deep. This and the 10” handle drop make it practical as well as stylish. Inside, you can organize your personal items with ease using the interior zipper pocket and smartphone pocket. Although it looks like a high-end leather bag, it is 100% vegan leather and cruelty-free. The added benefit of this material is that you have so many colors to choose from, allowing for something a little bolder to show off your style.


2) ABBI – Purity


Abbi Vegan Tote Bags - Purity


There Abbi Vegan Tote Bags – Purity are two versions of these ABBI tote bags available, both with different branding reflecting the collection in which in you find them. One is part of the Loom collection while this one is part of the Purity collection. All of the practical vegan leather elements of these bags remain the same, so you aren’t shortchanged on space or quality by going for a different collection. You get dimensions of 13.5 by 12 by 5.75 inches, with room inside for a zipper pocket and a smartphone pocket. There is also the same 10” handle drop, tab on the zipper, and sleek shape. However, the color options are a little more muted here with some interesting tones to the faux leather.


3) BERTA – Loom


Berta Vegan Tote Bags - Loom


These tall Berta Vegan Tote Bags – Loom are built for people that have busy professional lives but don’t want a bulky or impractical tote bags to carry around. The main body of this vegan leather tote looks sleek but is deceptively spacious. The idea is that you can carry a 13’inch laptop in this 13 by 13.75 by 4.75-inch bag with ease. There are then two extra exterior pockets for personal items with simple zip or magnetic closures. There are also some fun color options, like dark green and mustard.


4) CALINA – Vintage


Calina Vegan Tote Bag - Vintage


These Calina Vegan Tote Bags – Vintage are a cute addition to the brand’s Vintage Collection of tote bags with its choice of soft pastel tones to the vegan leather and the detailed stitching along the sides and matching handles. At first, this gives the impression of a much older model with an open top and clean lines. But there are modern elements to the interior with the zippered pocket and smartphone pocket. This one is more understated but still sure to gain plenty of compliments.


5) CANCI – Purity


Canci Vegan Tote Bag - Purity


This Matt and Nat Canci – Purity Tote Bag is another Matt and Nat bag that hides a lot of great features in a sleek and stylish vegan leather design. The exterior is quite plain, in a good way, with the straight sides, soft natural tones, and just a couple of metallic details. However, this is built for professionals that need to be ready at any point. The interior contains a 13” laptop sleeve, a smartphone pocket, and even slots for pens. There are 5 compartments in total in this 13.5 by 14.75 by 4.75-inch bag.


6) CURB – Vintage


Curb Vegan Tote Bags - Vintage


These Curb Vegan Tote Bags – Vintage are another understated bag that looks great as part of the tote bags Vintage line. There is a nice shape to the almost square bag, with minimal detailing and a short 6.5inch drop on the handles. This 15 by 14.75, by 6.25-inch bag, has plenty of space for all you need throughout the day and comes in the brand’s chili and olive tones as well as the pale pastel and black. The standout feature here, however, is the addition of the adjustable shoulder strap. This should make the vegan leather bag even easier to carry.


7) HYDE – Purity


Hyde Vegan Tote Bag - Purity


Essentially, what you are getting with these Matt and Nat Hyde Purity Vegan Tote Bags is two tote bags in one. The tote has an inner zipper compartment for added security, much like many others in the Matt and Nat range. However, this compartment is attached by D-rings, which means you can detach it and use it as a separate pouch, such as a toiletries bag while travelling. This then opens up the 14.75 by 12.5-inch tote as something you can throw anything into for an afternoon out. It is smart and effective with a wide choice of colors available too.


8) LEIDEN – Canvas


Leiden Vegan Tote Bag - Canvas


These Leiden Vegan Tote Bags – Canvas combines vegan leather and canvas in an interesting way. There are some nice curves to the shape of this bag compared to other straight-sided models for a pleasing look. This is accentuated by the leather corners, handles, and flap on the exterior pouch. Inside, you get a lot of compartments including the 13” laptop sleeve, smartphone pocket, and 2 pen slots. It is one of the larger options too at 15.5 inches long and 16.25 high.




Nivi Vegan Tote Bag - Appleskin


These Nivi Vegan Tote Bags made with APPLESKIN are another tote that offers a lot more than you might expect. The shape of the tote is all about the width for a classic shape and plenty of room inside. It is 17inches long but just 12 height and 5.5 deep. Still, it should be more than enough for all you need and suitable for a laptop. There aren’t the same internal pockets here as in other Matt and Nat bags. But there is a separate pouch as a bonus feature. This is 10 by 6.5 inches and is removable as needed. A bonus feature of note here is that this is part of the AppleSkin line that uses apple waste which can also be referred to as a type of vegan leather. You can still get some fun colors too.


10) SCHLEPP – Arbor




The Schlep Arbor Vegan Tote Bag is similar to the Nivi in terms of its shape. It is another with the classic tapered sides and extra width, just with slightly bigger dimensions of 18 by 13 by 6.5 inches. This one is all about simplicity as there isn’t much to the design other than the branding on the side, nor in the detailing on the handles or stitching. This clean look is great in black, ginger, or shell. Internally, you get a basic pouch pocket and a classic magnetic closure rather than a zip.


11) WILLA – Vintage




This Willa Vegan Tote Bags – Vintage model is the little black dress of the vintage collection. There is a nice silhouette here with the shape of the vegan leather bag and the way that the long thin strap attaches at the ends of the bag. There is an elegance to it that remains if you choose one of the brighter or muted tones rather than black. It is larger than it looks at 12.75 inches wide and 13.75 tall. There are the usual internal pockets for personal items and a simple magnetic snap closure for quick access.


12) WILLASM Small – Vintage




Finally, there is the Willasm Small Vegan Tote Bags – Vintage model, which is basically the Willa but smaller. You get the same great use of vegan leather materials and features with the classic shape and thin handles, but all on a smaller scale. This one is just 8.75 inches long and 9 high, which makes a difference. This doesn’t detract from the way it looks, especially as there are still the same great color choices on offer. But it may make the bag a little more practical for those with only a few essential items to keep on them. Again, you get the internal pockets for better organization and the adjustable crossbody strap.




These are all of the current vegan tote bags on offer from the Matt and Nat brand. It is worthwhile noting that there are also other types of vegan leather bags that share many features and environmental benefits. These other Matt and Nat vegan leather bags include tote handbags (covered here), vegan bucket bags, vegan clutch bags, vegan crossbody bags, vegan hobo bags, vegan satchel bags, vegan shoulder bags, and vegan weekender bags. Click here to check out the full range and see which of the best Matt and Nat vegan bags are right for you.


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What vegan materials do Matt and Nat use for their tote bags?

Bringing you stylish totes and more that mimic the real thing without any of the guilt, Matt and Nat are vegan and cruelty-free. Their premium quality vegan or faux leather totes meet this standard, but they go a step further and incorporate recycled materials to enhance their green credentials. Moreover, using recycled plastic bottles as lining, the totes are eco-friendly.

How can you choose the perfect Vegan tote bag?

Vegan tote bags vary according to your preference, and there are many to choose from. Abbi Vegan tote bag, for instance, is spacious enough to carry all of your belongings, so you can carry all your stuff. Additionally, it can differ from the size of their bags, sleek but deceptively spacious, with an inner compartment or even a smaller one.

In what ways do these totes differ from other bags?

Vegan leather bags also come in other types that share many of the same features and environmental benefits. Other vegan leather bags from Matt and Nat include tote bags, bucket bags, clutch bags, crossbody bags, hobo bags, satchels, shoulder bags, and weekenders.

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