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Find the Best Quality Vegan Backpack for School or College

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A Vegan Backpack is a great choice when you need a bag with a large capacity that is also hands-free. However, a grown-up’s vegan backpack can be different from those we wore as kids. There are two different sides of the spectrum here. On one, you have the rugged fabric vegan backpack ready for adventure. On the other, you have your chicer vegan backpack that’s great for day trips and for students heading to class.


In this guide, we want to focus on the latter. Students at school or college deserve the chance to have a high-quality vegan leather backpack that makes a fashion statement. Below, you will find a series of 16 vegan backpack options from the Matt and Nat. Before that, let’s look at why you should go for vegan leather backpack for your school or college backpack and why a Matt and Nat vegan backpack is such a good idea.


Why Choose a Vegan Backpack Over a Real Leather Backpack?


There is no denying that the look and feel of vegan leather make backpacks look smarter and that they can provide more protection on rainy days. But you don’t have to go for something that came from an animal to get those benefits. The best quality vegan leather backpacks use plant-based or polymer materials to ensure that no animals are harmed in the making of the product. You get to wear something stylish while showing how much you care.


Why Choose a Vegan Backpack for School or College?


Our backpacks are a big part of how we express ourselves at school and college, so we want to be sure we send out the right message. Vegan students embracing the lifestyle with vegan fashion as well as dietary choices will love to have a high-end vegan leather backpack. The best vegan products show that you can have something with the same level of quality and style as anyone else without the cruelty of animals.


Who Are Matt and Nat?


The name Matt and Nat means Material and Nature. This is an ethical company striving to provide a range of the best vegan apparel for those that want a more ethical and environmental choice. They started in Montreal, Canada, with a plan to launch a line that promotes a more positive approach with a view to social responsibility. Over time, this expanded with a wide range of the best vegan leather products on offer across the world.


Good Reasons to Choose a Matt and Nat Vegan Backpack


One of the key reasons that this brand is so popular is its choice of materials.  This includes recycled materials, PETA approved, some products made from 100 recycled, some linings made from water bottles or recycled plastic bottles, water resistant material, vegan leather or faux leather, and sometimes recycled plastic.  These vegan leather backpacks are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. This means no risk of any by-products anywhere in the manufacturing process. Some of the vegan bags come from their Appleskin line, which is a clever way of using apple waste as a recycled plant-based material. Furthermore, you will find that the lining comes from recycled water bottles.


Of course, there is also a wide selection of quality designs across the lines. There are vegan backpacks in various shapes and sizes to suit your needs. So, let’s look at some of the best vegan backpack offerings.


1) Alex – Loom

Matt and Nat Alex Vegan Backpack - Loom

What instantly stands out with this vegan leather backpack is the simple shape. We are so used to fabric backpacks with lots of exterior pockets that these looks really sleek and interesting. Don’t let the design fool you because there is also a lot of space inside and some great compartments to organize your belongings. The 15-inch height allows for a padded laptop sleeve, and you also get a zippered pocket for small valuables. You can also adjust the fit with the 19-23-inch shoulder strap. If the black is a little boring, why not go for the Tapioca, Parrot, or Harvest.


2) Aries – Vintage


Aries is similar to Alex in that there are no exterior pockets on the front, although there is a little one hidden at the back. This time the shape is a little softer as the bag tapers to the opening. This does lower the capacity, with a 13-inch height, and there is no laptop sleeve this time. But you do get the interior zipper pocket and smartphone pocket. Furthermore, you get longer straps at 27-34-inches and additional color choices of Cardinal, Chili, Oasis, and Pastel.


3) Bailig – Canvas


Matt and Nat Balilg Vegan Backpack - Canvas

This one is a bit more familiar in style as a school backpack and has some nice practical features not yet seen in these bags. There is a deep front zipper pocket for easier access to personal items and a helpful rain-protection flap over the zipper for the main compartment. This one is also bigger with a 17.5-inch height and 15-inch padded laptop sleeve. There is also the interior pocket and smartphone pocket for more options. The only downside is that it only comes in Chili or Olive.


4) Brave – Loom


Matt and Nat Brave Vegan Backpack - Loom

We’re going to mention a few versions of the Brave model because it is one of the most popular in its different forms. This one is part of the Loom Collection, with an embossed patch to highlight that. You get a narrower and sleeker looking vegan backpack with a zippered flap for the opening rather than the usual all-around zipper. A big selling point here is that as well as the front pocket, you also get two side pockets. It is 14-inches but doesn’t have the laptop sleeve. The straps are highly adjustable from 18-35-inches, and it comes in Black, Chili, Harvest, Parrot, Tapioca, and Tulip.


5) Brave – Purity


There isn’t much to say about the Purity version that hasn’t been said about the Loom one. The main difference here is the collection in which it belongs and the color choices available as a result. This one comes in Black. Chocolate, Pear, Rose, Scone, And Tarte – which gives us many more choices at least than the Loom one. The dimensions and use of pockets remain the same, and there is no compromise in quality or material used for going for a different collection.


6) Brave Small – Purity

Matt and Nat Brave Small Vegan Backpack - Purity

This is what we mean when we say that there are lots of Brave models in the best-selling Matt and Nat vegan line. This version offers the same great shape and pocket configuration in a leather bag with the same great range of warm tones. The difference here is that you have a length of 7-inches. The length is no good if you plan to take a laptop to class or have a lot to carry all day. But this bag may be suited to days when you’re just off for one lecture or study session in the morning.


7) Brave Mini – Dwell

This is where things get a little different for the Brave design. As the name suggests, you get the cute and practical design of the Brave backpack, with its side pockets, but in a smaller form again at 6-inches high. There are pros and cons here, but one benefit is the choice of brighter colors. There is the soft blue Lake or bright Red.


8) Bremen – Vintage

This is another one that is more about getting everything into one big vegan bag with a sleek exterior than offering lots of external pockets. With that said, there are lots of neat features inside to organize what you need. The 16.5-inch heigh allows for a 15-inch laptop sleeve, there is a zipper pocket, patch pocket, and smartphone pocket, and you get some pen slots. This is also another where the main zipper extends to the base of the bag for easier access. The colors options are Black, Chili, and Olive.


9) Brooke – Appleskin

Matt and Nat Brooke Vegan Backpack - Appleskin vegan leather

This vegan bag is very cute and has more of a fashion statement with the metal V flip-lock on the flap. The dark Black and Cord color options make this stand out. It is also bigger than it looks, with a height of 11-inches. The interior has a zipper pocket and cellphone pocket, and a card slot at the back. Another factor that will make this stand out to vegans is that it is one of the ones made from apple waste.


10) Caro – Loom

Caro is another option from the Loom collection and has a nice, understated design with a classic backpack feel. The rounded opening allows for a zipper to extend across the bag for easy access. There is also a deep zipper pocket on the front. The 11.5-inch bag is a nice size if you aren’t looking to have too much with or don’t need a laptop. Another nice feature is that the thin straps extend to 35-inches, letting you wear it lower than other models. It comes in Black, Harvest, Parrot, and Tapioca.


11) Caro Small – Loom

Matt and Nat Caro Small Vegan Backpack - Loom

As with the smaller version of the Brave model, here you have the same great Caro design but with smaller dimensions. This lowers the height of the interior to 8-inches, but you still get that practical exterior pocket and the interior storage options to help you out. An interesting difference here is instead of Tapioca, this one comes in Tulip. Is it worth losing space to get this brighter color?


12) Colton – Loom

Matt and Nat Colton Vegan Backpack - Loom

This is another model where looks are deceiving. It seems like a slim option that focuses on the clean design more than practical features until you find the laptop sleeve, zipper pocket, and smartphone pocket inside. The flap closure is nice and protective and allows for a more straight-sided tall 17.5-inch bag. Unfortunately, it is Black or Black, and the straps don’t have the same drop at 19-23-inches.


13) Dean – Vintage


Matt and Nat Dean Vegan Backpack - Vintage

The Dean model is a bit of a blend of styles of previous options. The narrower shape and flap design for the opening are very similar to that of the Colton. But there is a combination of a front pocket and side pockets, like the Brave. This may make it easier to protect your notes and organize the rest of your belongings. It is a little shorter than the Colton at 16-inches high, but still has room for a 13-inch laptop sleeve and other interior pockets. It comes in Black, Chili, Olive, and Pastel.


14) Deely Small – Vintage


Matt and Nat Deely Med Small Vegan Backpack - Vintage

This is another one that looks like it may be putting fashion before practicality. The long flap down the body creates some nice lines that are accentuated by the stitching. This closes with a hidden magnetic snap and there’s still a zipper for protection. The color choice also adds to the visual appeal with Black, Chili, Oasis, and Pastel. You do also get an interior pocket and smartphone pocket as this small bag isn’t as small as others at 10.5-inches high.


15) Eve – Vintage

Matt and Nat Eve Vegan Backpack - Vintage

This is another one that looks great because of the clean lines. This rectangular bag has a straight zipper opening at the top and a large pocket on the front. Those zippers are a little more hidden by the material for a minimalist line. The shape and the stitching look great in the additional colors of Oasis, Chili, Cardinal, and Pastel. The bag is 14.25-inches high, although there is no dedicated laptop sleeve, and you get interior pockets.


16) Fabi Mini – Vintage

Matt and Nat Fabi Mini Vegan Backpack - Vintage

Finally, there is this cute, tapered vegan backpack. Although classed as a Mini, it is larger than some small models in this guide at 12.5-inches high. The zip extends to around a third of the way down the bag for access but is mostly concealed by the thick protective flap. Inside, you get both zipper and smartphone pockets. A surprising factor here is a focus on warm tones, except for the Oasis. There is no Black, but you can choose from Ceramic, Chili, Barn, Heirloom, and Pastel.


There Are Many Beautiful Vegan Leather Backpacks to Choose From


This list shows that a Matt and Nat vegan backpack is both an attractive fashion statement and a practical solution for school or college. Just as importantly, they show that you can achieve all those with high-quality vegan leather. Hopefully, one of these great designs will help you through the next school year.  If you’re not impressed with the above Matt and Nat vegan backpacks, then click the link below to see all Matt and Nat vegan backpacks.

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What is the best quality Vegan leather backpack?

A quality vegan leather backpack uses plant-based or polymeric materials to ensure that no animals were harmed during fabrication. Moreover, it is possible to choose from a wide variety of beautiful vegan leather backpacks. In addition to being a stylish fashion statement, Matt and Nat's Vegan backpacks are a practical solution for school or college. Furthermore, they prove that high-quality vegan leather can achieve all those goals.

What is the difference between a vegan leather backpack and a real leather backpack?

The best thing about it is that you show how much care you have for animals while wearing something fashionable. Also, backpacks made of vegan leather look and feel as smart as leather backpacks, and they do provide more protection on rainy days because of their look and quality.

Is there a Specific Vegan Leather backpack for School or College?

There is none. Since there is no difference in the vegan leather backpacks' styles, so you can choose according to your preference. School and college backpacks play a big role in how we express ourselves, so we want to make sure they convey the right message. High-end vegan leather backpacks will be a great gift option for vegan students embracing the lifestyle through vegan fashion and diet. Having something of equal quality and style as anyone else without using animals proves that vegan products are the best.

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