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How to Find the Best Vegan Bucket Bag

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Bucket bags are a great way to carry everything you need without worrying about how it will all fit. While they sound cumbersome, the best bucket bag designers know how to use the right dimensions and design features to create something beautiful too. On top of this, you can now find some amazing cruelty free vegan bucket bags from top brands. Before we look at some of our favorite models from those designers, and why they are such admirable vegan companies.


Why Choose a Bucket Bag?


Bucket bags are a great choice if you are looking for a practical and spacious bag that also offers some style. The name comes from the shape of the bottom of the bag, which is much more rounded and broader at the base than something like a tote. This extra width means that this is the ideal sort of bag to put everything in without worrying too much about the organization. Larger items can fit alongside your purse and other essentials without everything getting squashed together. The open top makes it easy to access everything as needed, but many bags have a drawstring to gather the top portion.


Why Choose a Vegan Bucket Bag?


There is no reason why these practical bucket bags have to be made from any sort of animal product and promote animal cruelty. These cruelty free bags provide the same purpose with a lot of styles all while using cruelty-free materials and practices. You can go about your day at work or carry out your errand knowing that no animal died to give their skin for your accessories. Furthermore, a bucket bag is great for the green-minded vegan that loves to carry reusable items around town. The extra width in the rounded base makes it much easier to hold a reusable bamboo coffee mug, a cute little tote, a vegan purse, and whatever else you need.


Materials of a Vegan Bucket Bag


You can learn more about some of the individual choices of brands when we look at our four examples below. But you will typically find that there are a lot of faux leather products that mimic the look and feel of the real thing. While many companies will use polyurethane or “pleather”, others are more innovative and use plant-based materials for leather-style coatings and linings. This includes fruit waste. You can also find products with cork materials for an interesting look and texture, as well as options with recycled plastic in waterproof linings.


Are Vegan Bucket Bags Practical?


Yes! There is nothing to worry about when choosing one of these great materials instead of something more traditional. The best designers use high-quality examples that will look great and be both durable and supple. From there, you should still find all the features you expect for the most practical bucket bag possible. Many will have that helpful drawstring and possibly other closures. You can also find models with adjustable straps for comfort and even optional crossbody straps for a hands-free approach. Additional features like interior pouch and pockets can also turn these stylish bucket bags into something a lot more interesting. You can also find designs that come in larger XL options if you need more space, or a smaller Mini bag if you want something that won’t get in the way on the go.


Best Vegan Bucket Bag Designers


There are plenty of brands out there that have vegan bags in their lines now, including some helpful bucket designs. But some stand out above the rest for their combination of great material choices, the aesthetic elements in the designs, and those practical features mentioned before. Below are some examples from four of the best. They are Matt & Nat, Corkor, Melie Bianco, and Katie Loxton.


Matt and Nat


The name Matt and Nat actually comes from the phrase material and nature. It expresses the brand’s dedication to using the best possible materials from natural sources without the need for animal products. Their tagline is “Vegan. Cruelty-free. Recycled”. So, you know what you are dealing with upfront. In fact, right across their large vegan bucket bag collection, you will find that all interior linings are made from 100% recycled water bottles. This all means that everything in their line of bags and accessories is ethical as well as gorgeous. If you like what you see here, you can check out our guide on some of their vegan bags.


The Matt and Nat Azur Vegan Bucket Bag


Matt and Nat Azur Vegan Bucket Bag


We start with a tall Matt and Nat Azur Vegan Bucket Bag for a bit of elegance while still being spacious. It is a simple design, with a plain leather exterior and subtle branding on the side. This is replicated in the matching 8 by 5.75inch pouch in the interior for valuables. You also get a nice thick strap with an adjustable 10.5-15inch drop and a dog clip closure at the top for extra security. The bag comes in black, chili, and pastel if you want a softer look.


The Matt and Nat Grace Vegan Bucket Bag – Appleskin


matt and nat grace vegan bucket bag

The Matt and Nat Grace Appleskin collection vegan bucket bag, uses recycled fruit waste in the form of apple skins. This adds another level of environmentalism to the line. It is a great idea, but you can’t tell by looking at the bag that it isn’t leather. There is a striking design with the drawstring at the top, the thick gold chain strap, and the gold branding near the bottom. It looks great in black and gold, but there are other colors too, with the green offering a fun nod to the apple origin. The chain is long enough to make this a crossbody and it also comes with an organic cotton dust bag.  To see the other Matt and Nat Vegan Bucket Bags please click here.




It isn’t hard to guess what material Corkor specializes in. This brand developed when a couple decided to push the boundaries of cork crafting and see how it worked in the world of accessories. The pair understood the potential of this material as a vegan option and worked to create a more sustainable line of products. If you are unfamiliar with cork, the process allows for a material from a tree without having to cut that tree down. So, you get to protect forests while also shunning the leather industry. The brand has grown to create a series of bags and belts via Portuguese artisans. One of their best products is this cork bucket bag.


Corkor | Cork Bucket Bag


Corkor Cork Bucket Bag


While so many other vegan bags try their hardest to appear like a more “genuine” material, the Corkor Cork Bucket Bag embraces the cork. You can tell that this is a cork bag from the tones on the exterior, giving it a natural and more interesting look, The trunk version has a neutral tone, but you can accentuate the pattern with the Zebra version or go for black or red. Yet, there is a nice subtle two-tone design with a darker base, drawstring, and strap. That base has metal studded feet to help it set upright and the shoulder strap is adjustable for ease of use. Another nice detail here is the extra storage for personal items, with the interior zipper pocket and the key holder.


Melie Bianco


One of the great things about this brand is that you have smaller batches of products as the lines change with the seasons. While this does mean that popular additions to the collection will be unavailable faster, you also know they aren’t wasting materials and resources. You will end up with a sustainably made beautiful vegan bag that you can treasure. As the lines change with the seasons, you will find a range of different styles and materials over time. This includes some fun textile bags as well as vegan leather. The product below is a good example of what they can do with leather for a practical and understated bucket bag.


Melie Bianco – Tami Vegan Leather Bucket Bag


This cruelty free bag immediately looks high-end with the soft and rich tan-colored leather (black color also available) that tapers up to the opening. There is a simple snap closure in the same tone that is decorative without shouting for attention. The same cruelty free material is also used for the adjustable crossbody strap with a 24″ drop.  Comes with an eco-suede lining, exterior back slip pocket, and a cool embossed logo.  There isn’t too much to say about the bag because of the simplicity. You just sling it over your body with the crossbody strap, fill it with whatever your need, and go about your day. But that may be all you are looking for.


Katie Loxton


We need to be transparent here and point out that this isn’t a vegan brand in the same way that the others focus on alternative materials and sustainability. There is a sustainable style line, and many items are vegan leather, but they aren’t dedicated to making everything vegan. Keep this in mind when shopping around on their site. Still, they do have some great products with vegan leather including these cute bucket bags. There is also a service where you can personalize items such as purses, which can make for a great gift.


Katie Loxton XL Drawstring Vegan Leather Bucket Bag

There is a softer feminine look to this large bucket bag thanks to the use of the supple leather, the color choices, and the way the drawstring ties up. The little details in the design add to the visual appeal, with the little knots at the end of the string, the metal on the adjustable strap, and the metal branding near the bottom. There is also a pebble texture and soft lining to make it more tactile. This larger model is spacious with an 11 by 10.25 by 5.5inch interior and the practically continues with the adjustable strap and magnetic closure A lot of thought went into this to ensure that while it is an XL model, it isn’t cumbersome.


Katie Loxton Mini Drawstring Vegan Leather Bucket Bag

If the XL bag still feels a little too big for your needs, you might prefer the mini version instead. A lot of the design features and ideas are the same here. You have the same cute cruelty free bag tied drawstring with the knots on the end, the gold bar on the bottom, and the interesting textures. You also get a long adjustable strap to make this easy to use as a crossbody bag. This one comes in a soft pink too, whereas the other mode leans towards cooler tones. It is a lot smaller at 8 by 6.5 by 6.5 inches. This will make it more practical for some but too small for some applications.


Choosing The Perfect Vegan Bucket Bag


As you can see, there is a lot of choice when it comes to finding the ideal cruelty free vegan bucket bag – not just in the brands making them but in the different shapes and styles. You can go cute and feminine with soft-colored mini crossbody bags, for more of a statement piece with a larger black faux leather vegan bucket bag, or something fun somewhere in between. Whether you lean towards the rich cork tones, a classic leather look, or are curious about appleskin bucket bags, there is something for everyone.  Read some of our other blog posts with Vegan Bucket Bags in them including, Review of the Seven Greatest Vegan Purse Brands in 2022 and The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Handbags.”

What are the advantages of using Bucket Vegan bags?

Bucket bags offer plenty of space and some style, making them a great choice for practical and spacious bags. The great thing about bucket bags is that they can handle everything you need without worrying about how they will all fit in. Even though they sound cumbersome, the best designers know how to make bucket bags that are not only functional but also beautiful.

What makes a Vegan Bucket bag of good quality?

Some companies utilize polyurethane or leather, while others are more innovative in using plant-based materials such as fruit waste to create leather-style coatings and linings. You can also find cork materials for an interesting look and texture, as well as waterproof linings made from recycled plastic.

Is there a perfect Vegan Bucket bag?

The perfect vegan bucket bag always depends on your preferences, but a genuine vegan bucket bag is high quality. If you look at the different shapes and styles and brands that make cruelty-free vegan bucket bags, you can see that there are several options available to you. Whether you want a cute, feminine bag in soft colors or a statement piece in black vegan faux leather bucket bags, there will be something for you. No matter what you prefer, there is something for everyone, whether you want the rich tones of cork or the classic looks of leather, or the apple skin bucket bags. But, Matt and Nat is one of the best Vegan bucket bags you can choose from.

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