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Review of the Seven Greatest Vegan Purse Brands in 2022

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Vegan handbags designers and manufacturers are introducing sleek vegan leather designs that are gorgeous and environmentally responsible. Recycled fibers, vegan leather, cork leather and some of the greatest vegan leather purses are just a few examples.  There is however a plethora of vegan purse brands to choose from.  We are highlighting just a few of them including Matt and Nat, Corkor, Pixie Mood, Doshi, JW Pei, Stella McCartney, and Melie Bianco


faux leather vegan purse brandsThough leather replacements used to be nearly entirely made of plastic-based materials (PVC and polyurethane), which might have negative environmental consequences, today’s solutions are better and smarter. Many vegan handbags are made from plant-based vegan leather made from mushrooms, cork, recycled materials such as plastic bottles, pineapple, apples, and cactus, as eco-friendly materials innovation advances in the fashion industry. Vegan purse brands made from synthetic materials that are biodegradable, recyclable, and regenerated are also available.


recycled jeans purse vegan purse brands

Matt and Nat

Matt and Nat, which stands for MAT(T)ERIAL + NATURE, is a vegan leather and environmentally conscious brand based in Canada. Established in Montreal and 100 percent vegan, the firm sells eco-friendly vegan bags, outwear, footwear, and items for men and women. The public and personalities have praised Matt and Nat for their high-quality items (like vegan bags) and positive environmental impact. They’ve been featured on and, among other publications.


Matt and Nat were founded in 1995 in Montreal, Quebec, where they still have their offices and where their goods are produced. The brand is vegan, eco-friendly, and conscious of its impact on the environment. Matt and Nat use recycled nylons, cardboard, rubber, cork, vegan leather, and other materials. They have also committed to only using linings manufactured from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Their items are manufactured in China in factories that adhere to their values.


eco conscious shopping vegan purse brandsMatt and Nat offer a stylish selection of some of the best vegan leather bags available.  Although I’d love to list each, and every vegan handbag Matt and Nat offers individually I know that is not realistic, but I will separate them for you by type of vegan purses.

Matt and Nat Vegan Tote Bags


Matt and Nat Calina Vegan Tote Bag


Matt and Nat Vegan Crossbody Bags

Matt and Nat Buda Vegan Crossbody Bag



Matt and Nat Vegan Shoulder Bags

Matt and Nat Dover Vegan Shoulder Bag - Loom


Matt and Nat Vegan Bucket Bags


matt and nat grace vegan bucket bag






  • Vegan handbags, shoes, and coats are among the many things available. The brand is 100 percent vegan, sustainable, and eco-friendly.


  • PU (polyurethane) and PVC (polyvinyl chloride) are two types of vegan leather that Matt and Nat use.


  • Matt and Nat are a completely vegan & cruelty free company, and is PETA approved.go vegan cruelty free choose vegan purse brands


  • Matt and Nat vegan handbags use 100% recycled plastic bottle lining for the interior.


    • Vegan handbags and vegan wallets come with a one-year warranty.12 months warranty vegan purse brands



  • Footwear comes with a 90-day warranty.


  • Matt and Nat brand does what it can for the environment.  Like the innovative use of food waste used to produce a vegan handbag.


  • The classic appearance of these vegan bags makes them look good on any woman.




  • You cannot go wrong with a brand that is always cruelty free, vegan, and recycled.


  • Some of these vegan handbag designs may not fit some style preferences.


Stella McCartney


Stella McCartney had become a household name when she entered the high fashion industry. And besides, Paul McCartney is her father. The developer delved into her love for animals and developed her business based on responsible consumption by using her name for good. PETA is a big supporter and champion of McCartney.  Stella’s activism for the welfare of animals is so inspiring! It really should come as no surprise that the designer avoids using animal materials like leather and fur in her designs and opts for vegan leather.

animal rights activism vegan purse brands


Despite making non-leather vegan handbags, McCartney has developed a fanbase and a global reputation. The Falabella, which has been around for almost a century and is still a darling of celebs and global style stars together, is among the designer’s greatest popular styles, renowned for her chain-link, cowhide designs. There is no other animal-free purse brand that can match the designers appeal, and today we’re looking back at the celebrities who liked the Falabella a generation later.


These vegan handbags are perhaps the most well-known in the industry. Stella has always been upfront about her ethical and vegan credentials, and she succeeds at being open and honest about all aspects of her business.


Stella McCartney Vegan Mini Bags



Stella Logo Mini Bag


Stella McCartney Vegan Tote Bags



Stella Logo Striped Raffia Tote Bag


Stella McCartney Vegan Crossbody Bags



Stella Logo Raffia Crossbody Bag



Stella McCartney Vegan Shoulder Bags



Stella Frayme Small Zipit Vegan Shoulder Bag




  • High quality non-leather designer vegan bags are offered as part of the designers cruelty-free ethos.


  • PETA Approved handbags made from all vegan materials.


  • Stella has won lots of PETA Fashion Awards over the years.


  • These vegan handbags are made to last as they are made from strong, sustainable elements and webbed in 100% recycled polyester.




  • Prices, unfortunately, match the brand’s greatness.


  • These vegan leather bags may be too fancy and out of the price range of some consumers.


Melie Bianco


los angeles melie bianco vegan purse brandsMelie Bianco’s entire attitude is one of cheap luxury vegan bags straight out of Los Angeles, California. They recognize that we all desire attractive, well-designed handbags, but they also recognize that almost no one can afford a purse that costs $500. As a result, Melie Bianco’s owners, Melissa and William, set out on a mission to manufacture elegant bags at a fraction of the cost of equivalent vegan leather bags.


Another noteworthy feature of Melie Bianco’s vegan bags is that they are 100% vegan! They’re all made of high-end imitation leather aka vegan leather bags (or other non-animal fabrics). Even holding the actual thing in my hands, I can’t believe it’s not genuine leather. I’m not going to get into the debate over whether imitation leather is healthier than real leather. Suffice it to say that the bag I received is of such great quality that I will use it for years, indicating that resources were not squandered to build something that will eventually wind up in a landfill.


Melie Bianco Best Sellers on




  • This might be a beach vegan leather bag or a casual day vegan bag.


  • It’s edgy and lively, and it pairs well with jeans and gauzy outfits.


  • These vegan handbags are made with high-quality, affordable, luxurious vegan leather.


  • Melie Bianco uses Polyurethane (PU) for vegan leather, which does not cause harm to the environment as compared to PVC.  Shop for a vegan leather bag today!


  • PETA-Approved vegan leather fashion brand.


  • Melie Bianco had the honor of winning the PETA UK Fashion Award for ‘Best Animal Friendly Accessories.’


  • It fits every woman’s individual vegan fashion style and budget.




  • A customer might want fancier vegan handbags and instead desire something like Stella McCartney vegan handbags instead.




Doshi is a vegan clothing brand established in the United States that offers a variety of vegan handbags, suitcases, wallets, buckles, and items for both men and women. Doshi’s products are created without using animal resources and in an environmentally conscientious manner.  So, you won’t be able to find leather bags (or any other leather products for that matter) for sale at Doshi.


Doshi’s whole line of products is vegan, which means that no animals were harmed or killed in creating a useful and attractive vegan bags, belts, or accessories. Doshi’s vegan bags and accessories are constructed of non-leather and synthetic materials (vegan leather), and they try to cooperate with manufacturers that buy reusable content and use few chemicals and solvents.


Doshi examines each phase of the vegan bags production process, involving touring factories on a routine basis to guarantee that vendors and manufacturers adhere to Doshi’s strict environmental, social, and quality requirements. Unlike quick fashion manufacturers, Doshi’s items are purposefully developed and constructed using sturdy components to last more than a few uses. Doshi encourages its clients to use their vegan bags frequently so that we can get the most out of what we acquire from the environment.


Doshi Little Camera Crossbody Bag – Yellow



Doshi Little Camera Vegan Crossbody Bag

Doshi Little Camera Crossbody Bag



Doshi Little Camera Vegan Crossbody Bag


Doshi Lady Bag 2



doshi lady bag 2 vegan crossbody bag


Doshi Saddle Bag Vegan Crossbody Bag



doshi saddle bag vegan crossbody bag

Doshi Clutch Vegan Crossbody Bag



Doshi Clutch Vegan Crossbody Bag


Doshi Weekender Vegan Tote Bag



Doshi Weekender Vegan Tote Bag




  • Currently looking for BSCI monitoring standards in every factory they utilize.


  • Attempting to minimize synthetic materials as much as feasible.


  • Wherever possible, use recyclable materials.


  • Doshi manufactures vegan handbags using only the highest quality, most luxurious vegan leather vegan bag available.


  • Cruelty-free PETA-approved vegan bags where no leather nor animal products are used.


  • Doshi vegan purses are made using the most durable vegan leather found anywhere.


  • Doshi has a commitment to give 5% of revenue to charities benefiting animals, people, and the environment.


  • Fashionable and high-quality vegan bags.


  • Perfect gift idea.  Shop and buy your friend a vegan bag today!




  • May not fit your vegan bags style preferences.


Pixie Mood


When it relates to its vegan bags, Pixie Mood avoids anything that could harm animals. These vegan bags are made from vegan leather with a hint of cork or faux suede. These high-end vegan leather handbags have a unique twist and are reasonably priced. The company donates to organizations that help animals in need and provide mental health care.


The new Pixie Mood visual merchandising embodies what the company stands for: an honest and bright vegan bag brand on a journey to create a world more attractive, ecological, and cruelty-free. The new website provides a modern, seamless online buying experience for current online consumers. It showcases the new Spring/Summer 22′ collection, which contains sleek new vegan bag styles and designs that will entice shoppers to dress up and go out again. The groundbreaking Eco-Mood line includes a new wine colorway that uses a unique low-impact vegan leather material derived from recycled items to reduce the brand’s environmental effects further.


Fashion preservation is more crucial than ever. Pixie Mood’s vivid and upgraded brand experience demonstrates the company’s dedication to sustainability and strengthens its relationship with today’s environmentally conscious customers. Visit to see the brand’s new look in the Spring/Summer 2022 collection. Here you may learn more about the brands heritage and commitment to sustainability. Pixie Mood also invites wholesale vegan bags buyers who want to learn more about the company to contact them.


Pixie Mood Vegan Bucket Bag


Pixie Mood Vegan Bucket Bag


Pixie Mood Vegan Crossbody Bags


Pixie Mood Belle Vegan Crossbody Bag




Pixie Mood Vegan Shoulder Bags


Pixie Mood Bubbly Vegan Shoulder Bag


Pixie Mood Vegan Tote Bags


Pixie Mood Caitlin Large Vegan Tote Bag






  • Non-cruelty, long-lasting, and affordable vegan bags.


  • These vegan handbags offer a trendy and modern vegan leather look.


  • These vegan bags have eco-friendly interior lining made of recycled plastic bottles without compromising style.


  • These vegan handbags come in protective packaging which make it easier to give as a gift for Christmas, Birthday, or for any special occasion.  Shop for a vegan bag today!




  • Often takes a long time to break down these vegan bags in the environment; often requires a lot of chemicals to manufacture; frequently incorporates plastic.


JW Pei


The vegan bags are made with durable vegan leather manufactured from recycled plastic bottles and developed in Los Angeles. A single pocket inside accommodates little items like a wallet or lipstick, while the flat bottom offers breadth for bigger items like your smartphone or keys. You won’t have to worry about spills or objects flying out thanks to the magnetic latch. The bag not only appears to be of good quality, but it also has a high-grade feel about it. The lining is a faux-suede that is both comfortable and durable.” It also comes with a dust bag and a storage box, which is nice. What’s even better? You can get it in as many colors as your heart wishes at this fantastic pricing.


JW Pei Vegan Crossbody Bags

JW Pei Vegan Shoulder Bags


JW Pei Vegan Top Handle Satchel Bags



JW Pei Gabbi Vegan Hobo Bag




  • The brand name is inscribed on everything, including the bag’s exterior, hardware, and interior pockets.


  • Classic minimalist design meets sustainable vegan leather materials.


  • All JW Pei vegan purses are water resistant, vegan leather, and PETA Approved.


  • Sustainability is in the DNA of JW Pei.  They use high quality canvas, polyurethane (PU), and certified fabric made from recycled plastic bottles.


  • Every JW Pei vegan handbag sold on comes with a one-year warranty (all ads on this blog post are from listings).


  • Whether you’re going to the office, a party, on a date, or shopping, these bags are versatile enough to go with any of your outfits.


  • Each bag comes with its own box and a satin dust bag with the brand’s logo.




  • The cost of shipping is pretty high unless you have an Amazon Prime Membership then you can qualify for free shipping.


  • Some designs may be too retro for some customers.




cork trees cork vegan purse brandsWhat’s fascinating about cork is that it’s quite light, which is due to the fact that it contains up to 90% air. That is why cork is so light, yet it is also extremely durable for the same reason. When we peek inside, we can notice that it has lovely stitching along the edges. It has a company logo stamp on both the inside and outside, but it’s otherwise a relatively normal vegan handbag. In terms of durability these vegan handbags are top shelf.


Cork is not impervious to damage, yet the company Corkor claims that these are water resistant, stain resistant, won’t crack so they sound very good.  Harvesters of the cork will take the bark off of what are known as cork oak trees, which must have been living for at least 25 years in order to be stripped, and then they will peel the outer layer of the bark off, which will be used for manufacturing. They can return after 8 to 14 years and repeat the process.


Some of these vegan handbags that Corkor offers do not have a lot of space versus a large vegan handbag, such as a vegan hobo bag.  However, they do offer the style, sophistication, and a lot of people will notice and ask questions because they do stand out from other vegan handbags.


Corkor Vegan Satchel Bag



Corkor Vegan Satchel Bag

Corkor Cork Vegan Bucket Bag


Corkor Vegan Crossbody Bags






  • To assure great quality, the goods are handcrafted in limited amounts.  This means that great attention to detail is paid to each and every Corkor vegan handbag produced.


  • Lightweight & strong material.


  • Crafted from genuine cork oak by Portugals’ Artisans.


  • Easy to clean using warm water, a soft cloth, and mild detergent.


  • Cork material is harvested from Cork Oak Trees in Portugal where you can see many street vendors offering cork products including cork handbags.


  • All Cork is harvested using FSC Certified methods meaning that the cork harvesting processes does not harm to any Cork Oak Trees.


  • Polyester is used sparingly by the company.


  • Won’t crack or crumble, water-repellent, scratch and stain resistant too.


  • PETA Approved.




  • For those looking for larger vegan bags a corkor vegan bag may not work.


  • Cork while it offers a cool stylish look it may not suit every person’s style preference.


  • Some customers may prefer a vegan handbag made from vegan leather or synthetic leather rather than one made out of cork.


synthetic leather vegan purse brands




Hopefully hope you’ll enjoy looking through these top vegan handbag brands and that you’ve found something that will look wonderful on your arm.  If you’re interested in seeing more vegan bags please visit Cruelty Free Handbags Homepage, Vegan Crossbody Bags, Vegan Hobo Bags, Vegan Tote Bags, or Vegan Bucket Bags.


We would like to recommend that you consider reading some of our other phenomenal blog posts including: “What is Vegan Leather?  How is it Made?  Is it a Better Alternative?“, “How to Find the Best Vegan Bucket Bag“, “The Best Vegan Crossbody Bags on“, and “Review of the Seven Greatest Vegan Purse Brands in 2022.”

Why is it a better choice and sustainable to use vegan leather handbags nowadays?

Many vegan handbags are made from plant-based vegan leather made from mushrooms, cork, and recycled materials such as plastic bottles, pineapple, apples, and cactus, as eco-friendly materials innovation advances in the fashion industry. Vegan purse brands made from synthetic materials that are biodegradable, recyclable, and regenerated are also available.

What is the best brand to consider when choosing a leather purse bag?

Various vegan leather-producing companies have received praise from the public for their high-quality products and positive impact on the environment. Besides being vegan and eco-friendly, the brand is conscious of its environmental impact. In addition to nylons and cardboard, rubber, cork, and vegan leather, some use recycled materials. Furthermore, Vegan Leather Bags provides a stylish selection of vegan leather bags that are linings made of 100% recycled plastic bottles.

Vegan leather purse bags have many pros, but what are their cons?

Plastic is frequently incorporated into vegan bags, so you should check first with the manufacturer. As a result, these vegan bags typically take a long time to decompose in the environment, and they often require a lot of chemicals to manufacture. Additionally, they do not always match your vegan purse bag preferences, but there is still a wide choice available.

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