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The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Handbags

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What Is Vegan Leather?

vegan handbags

Vegan Handbags – The production of leather from animal skins is one of the most negative activities in the global industry. In fact, the production of leather not only implies terrible suffering for the slaughtered animals, but also the use of enormous amounts of water, energy – of fossil origin – and chemical products that leave a very negative impact on the environment and impose great danger to human health. This is why it is important when shopping for a handbag or purse to choose vegan handbags made with vegan leather instead.


vegan handbagsVegan leather is all the opposite to traditional leather as it basically does not contain animal skin and derived products. Vegan leather is essentially made from plastics and vegetable matter. In recent years, vegan leather has become one of the fastest growing segments of the fashion industry, as consumer preferences have changed; consumers no longer want to buy items that contain animal products.


vegan handbagsThe idea behind vegan leather is to mimic real leather as much as possible and although it’s usually made from different types of plastics, this has been changing as buyers look for other plant-based alternatives.



Being a resistant material, vegan leather is used for all kind of products, including footwear, jackets, handbags and more. It’s durable, though it doesn’t age as well as real leather, nor does it acquire the softness that makes real leather so appealing to many consumers. On the other hand, vegan leather holds up well over time and requires less overall maintenance.



What Are Vegan Handbags Made of?



Many vegan leathers used in the manufacture of handbags are made from petroleum-based plastics, such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyurethane (PU).


vegan handbagsPVC is the cheapest form of vegan leather and is used for lower cost products. This plastic is applied to a piece of fabric but uses some chemical agents to add softness and flexibility to the material.


Polyurethane leather is made by coating a piece of cotton, nylon or polyester with a mixture of petroleum-based plastic chemicals. PU has fewer layers applied to the fabric compared to PVC, so it usually is softer and more flexible.


On the other hand, the world of plant-based vegan leather is growing rapidly as companies experiment and innovate with new materials, essentially driven by consumer demand.


vegan handbagsPiñatex is one of the biggest names in the vegetable leather world today. It is a material made from pineapple leaf fibers that are a by-product of the fruit industry.


Other companies like The Apple Girl transform leftover apple skins from juices and cider into perfectly biodegradable, plant-based leather.


Cork is also a material with surprising properties and great versatility that’s obtained from trees grown throughout the Mediterranean region. Cork leather which is also another type of vegan leather is made by cutting the bark, boiling and shaving it into thin sheets of paper which are then rolled into pieces of usable material.


vegan handbags


In addition to these materials, the fashion industry is on a continual search for new eco-friendly materials to create vegan leather that perfectly mimics animal leather, including recycled rubber, waxed cotton, canvas, and food waste.


How Durable are Vegan Bags?


The durability of handbags made from vegan leather will depend mainly on the type of material used. In general, the durability of faux leather is less than that of real leather, but if properly cared for, these types of handbags can last a lifetime.


What to Look for when Buying Vegan Handbags?


If you are considering buying one or more vegan handbags, there are several factors that you should consider first.


  • Product composition Some handbags may include some animal by-products, so it is essential to check the label to ensure you’re buying vegan leather not a real leather bag.vegan handbags vegan purses

  • Type of vegan material used – In case you are especially concerned about the environment, opt for handbags made from vegetable-based leather, such as pineapple or cork.

  • Product origin – Also check if the handbag comes from a country where industry employee safety and wellness standards are not met, especially if the item comes from an Asian country.

  • Brand – Every brand has something that sets it apart from the others, whether it’s convenience, elegance, simplicity, or something else. Even some small unique detail can make you prefer one brand over another.

  • Price – The prices of the handbags usually vary between approximately $100 to $1,000. This has to do with several factors, including the brand, size, type of material used, etc. However, it is sometimes possible to get a low-priced product that is very similar to a higher-priced product.


Where Are Vegan Handbags Sold?


There is an increasing number of large and small businesses selling this type of handbags, especially on the Internet. The most important factor before deciding on one or another business is following the recommendations that I indicated above to make sure you are buying exactly the product you want.


Here at we offer you a wide variety of vegan handbags from the most recognized brands in the market; that is, we offer you only products of the highest quality and 100% vegan. However, keep in mind that there are a wide variety of brands to choose from, each with its own unique characteristics, so read on to be better informed about the different brands, what each one offers you and what you can get here at Cruelty Free Handbags.


Who Makes Vegan Handbags?


At Cruelty Free Handbags we offer you a wide variety of 100% vegan handbag brands, but since there are many and it would be complicated and tedious for the reader to present them all in this post, here are some of the most renowned brands.


Pixie Mood

Pixie Mood Vegan Leather and Cork Vegan Crossbody Bags



One of the most concerned brands about animal wellness, Pixie Mood offers products made from 100% faux leather, cork and other vegetable materials. Their products are of high quality and are very affordable if you are on a budget.  Click here to see the entire Pixie Mood Vegan Handbags Collection.


Matt and Nat



Matt and Nat Abbi Vegan Tote Bag - Loom



This brand offers products made from a variety of recycled materials, not only the typical nylon-based faux leather, but also materials such as cardboard, rubber, and cork. Its product offering is really varied. All Matt and Nat Vegan Handbags can be viewed by Clicking Here.


Stella McCartney



Stella Logo Striped Raffia Tote Bag


With no doubt, Stella McCartney is one of the most renowned brands on the current luxury vegan handbags scene. Even though their products are 100% vegan, they feature incredible designs that perfectly mimic real leather.  Here are the different types of vegan handbags available: vegan crossbody bags, vegan shoulder bags, vegan tote bags, vegan mini bags, vegan top handle bags, or all Stella McCartney Vegan Handbags.



Melie Bianco


This brand based in the United States offers a wide variety of designs and colors in its handbags. You can find everything from the typical shoulder bags to small and practical pocket bags in unusual colors. Melie Bianco only offers products free of animal cruelty and labor exploitation.






Doshi Lady Bag 2 Vegan Handbag


One of the best-known firms established in California, United States. Doshi was founded with the intention of offering the public a variety of vegan accessories, especially bags, for all tastes and needs. This means that in addition to fashion products, you can also find backpacks and briefcases for work with outstanding quality.






corkor vegan crossbody bag


As its name indicates, Corkor offers products based on cork, one of the most ecological materials in the world. In Corkor, you will not only find vegan handbags, but also vegan purses and vegan belts made of cork, totally free of animal cruelty and labor exploitation.


JW Pei


JW Pei manufactures high-quality minimalist patent-style vegan products using high-grade polyurethane and microfiber bundles. This combination of materials gives JW Pei products a beautiful, durable look that’s ideal for those who want to get the most for their money.


Vegan Crossbody Bags


Find below a small selection of some of the best vegan crossbody bags on the market that can stay with you for a lifetime.


Doshi Crossbody Bag Collection

Doshi Little Camera Bag Vegan Crossbody Bag



Doshi only uses the highest quality and most luxurious vegan leathers for its products. Their vegan bags are cruelty-free and PETA-approved, and they are also committed to give a percentage of their profits to charity organizations that care for the environment. Their bags are made with the most durable vegan leather out there and usually include zippers and open pockets inside to keep things well organized. Some good examples are: Doshi Little Camera Crossbody Bag and Doshi Crossbody Saddle Bag.


Matt & Nat Vegan Crossbody Bags Collection


Matt and Nat Bee Vegan Crossbody Bag - Purity



All Matt & Nat products include interior linings made with 100% recycled plastic bottles and some bags also feature a zipped compartment as a smartphone pocket. The company uses many different sustainable materials for its products, including food waste to produce its stylish and fashionable, but at the same time, comfortable and simple to use handbags. 


Stella McCartney Vegan Crossbody Bag Collection



Stella McCartney Logo Raffia Crossbody Bag



Many of the best Stella McCartney designer bags include adjustable shoulder straps perfect for fitting different body types. They also include some details as detachable pouches. Stella McCartney bags are also designed to last as they’re made from strong and sustainable materials. The only disadvantage is that these products may be out of the price range for some consumers. Some examples include Stella Logo Crossbody Bag, Stella Logo Raffia Crossbody Bag, and Mini Stella Logo Crossbody Bag.


JW Pei Vegan Crossbody Bag Collection


JW Pei offers minimalist designs supported with sustainable vegan materials. Their products are water resistant and have roomy capacity. The best part is that these bags are versatile enough to go with any of your outfits and can be adapted to different styles thanks the detachable shoulder strap design – maybe too retro for some customers. Some examples include JW Pei Small Crocodile Vegan Leather Crossbody Bag, JW Pei Top Handle Vegan Leather Crossbody Bag, and JW Pei Maze Soft Vegan Leather Crossbody Bag.


Vegan Tote Bags


If you are looking for high-quality vegan tote bags, we offer a selection of products that will last as long as, if not longer than, a cruel standard genuine leather tote bag. Click here to check out our Vegan Tote Bags Collection now.


Pixie Mood Vegan Tote Bags Collection


These tote bags from Pixie Mood are high-quality, stylish, and appropriate for every occasion. They also include an eco-friendly interior lining made from recycled plastic bottles that don’t compromise style. These tote bags are ideal for holding all of your belongings and giving a sophisticated and elegant look that many women will love. Some examples include Pixie Mood Rachel Large Vegan Tote Bag, Pixie Mood Clara Vegan Tote Bag, and Pixie Mood Stylish Stella Vegan Tote Bag.


Matt and Nat Vegan Tote Bags Collection


Matt and Nat Berta Vegan Tote Bag



All Matt & Nat products include interior linings made with 100% recycled plastic bottles and some bags also feature a zipped compartment as a smartphone pocket. The company uses many different sustainable materials for its products, including food waste to produce its stylish and fashionable, but at the same time, comfortable and simple to use handbags. Some examples: Matt and Nat Abbi Vegan Tote Bag – Loom, Matt and Nat Abbi Vegan Tote Bag – Purity, Matt and Nat Joi Canvas Tote Bag.


Stella McCartney Vegan Tote Bag Collection


Stella McCartney Fantasia Mickey Print Stella Logo Cotton Vegan Tote Bag



As always, Stella McCartney offers high-quality non-leather designer bags that are PETA-approved. These tote bags are easy to maintain and have a classic style that you’ll never find old-fashioned. Some examples: Falabella Medium Striped Raffia Tote, Stella Logo Striped Raffia Tote Bag, and Frayme Tote Bag.


Vegan Bucket Bags Collection


The Vegan bucket bags collection that you’ll find at Cruelty Free Handbags are high-quality products that keep style and sophistication without losing practicality. Click here to check out these collections available for purchase with some of the most competitive prices online.


Matt and Nat - Vegan Bucket Bags Collection



Matt and Nat Azur Vegan Bucket Bag


Matt and Nat handbags have interior linings that are made 100% of recycled plastic bottles. These bucket bags come with adjustable crossbody straps that allows you to stay and move with free hands, never falling off. Some bags also include zippered pockets on the inner back wall. Some samples: Matt and Nat Azur Vegan Bucket Bag, Matt and Nat Grace Vegan Bucket Bag – Appleskin


Corkor Bucket Bag



Corkor Cork Vegan Bucket Bag



When it comes to sustainability, you cannot go wrong if you choose a Corkor handbag. These products have a cotton fabric interior for additional comfort, and some models also include a back zip pocket for extra organization, adjustable shoulder straps and top handles to fit different styles.



Also remember that these handbags are made with cork, so they’re water repellent, scratch & stain resistant, and at the same time, easy to clean and maintain with soap and water.



Vegan Hobo Bags Collection


For those who prefer the simplicity and versatility of hobo bags, here you’ll find a great selection of the best cruelty-free vegan hobo bags available for sale online. If these bags are not your style, you can always take a look at some of our other handbags.


Scarleton Large Vegan Leather Hobo Bag


This Scarleton Large Vegan Leather Hobo Bag is anti-scratch and water resistant with a great quality polyester inner lining. It also comes with a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap. This product is a large capacity multi-pocket bag that goes well with any outfit, and you can use it at office, party, date, shopping, work, travel, summer, vacation, and more. It’s also perfect as a gift.


Montana West Concealed Carry Vegan Leather Hobo Bag


This Montana West Concealed Carry Vegan Leather Hobo Bag is a durable and high-quality anti-scratch vegan leather with separate compartments for storage. The bag has a special design perfect for most women’s pistols and comes with a detachable gun holster. Ideal for daily use.


vegan handbags vegan purse



Vegan handbags are gaining more and more popularity among consumers due to the quality of their materials, the attractiveness of their designs and their contribution to a world free of animal cruelty and environmental problems.


dog cruelty for leather choose vegan handbags insteadGoing cruelty free in your vegan handbag shopping is not only important for workers, and the environment but most importantly for the animals.  Recently, I learned from Actor Joaquin Phoenix that in certain areas on the world dogs are beaten and skinned – click here to view the video.  This is a practice typically reserved for cows to make real leather handbags.  However, come to find out that this happens all too often in China and ships around the world to unsuspecting customers and goes undetected, so your next leather product could be made of dog skin without you even knowing.  This is one of many reasons why opting for vegan handbags makes sense.  Countries like China and other Third World Countries around that world that do not have as many laws that protect animal rights for certain animals treat them cruelty.  Not only is there a cultural divide in what animals are chosen Country to Country for pets’ versus for meals or fashion products but there is also a divide in what animals are mistreated by Country.  Whereas in Countries such as the USA or Canada dogs are treated as pets and there is criminal punishment for such mistreatment.


Since not all materials used in the manufacture of these types of bags are the same, it is important for you as a consumer to be well informed about the different options available before you buy. Remember that innovation is constant in this industry and as this guide will continue to grow, I recommend you bookmark it and check back from time to time to keep up to date.


We would like to recommend that you consider reading some of our other phenomenal blog posts including: “What is Vegan Leather?  How is it Made?  Is it a Better Alternative?“, “How to Find the Best Vegan Bucket Bag“, “The Best Vegan Crossbody Bags on“, and “Review of the Seven Greatest Vegan Purse Brands in 2022.”


If you choose to use vegan leather bags, how can you ensure that they are of good quality?

The concept of vegan leather is the opposite of conventional leather because it does not contain animal skin or animal-derived products. Further, vegan leather is primarily made of plastic and vegetable matter. In addition to footwear, jackets, handbags, and other products, vegan leather is a highly durable material. Despite being durable, faux leather does not age as well as real leather does, nor does it develop the softness that makes real leather so desirable. In contrast, vegan leather is more durable and less maintenance-intensive over time.

When buying vegan leather bags, what should be considered?

Ensure that you are buying a vegan leather bag instead of a real leather bag and determine the type of material being used. Aside from being convenient, elegant, simple, or something else that makes it different, there's always something that sets it apart from other options. There are even small details that can make one brand more appealing than another.

What makes vegan leather bags the best choice over real leather bags?

Even though this bag is made of genuine leather, we can't guarantee that your next leather product won't be made of dog skin without you knowing it. The fact that vegan handbags are eco-friendly is just one of the reasons why they are a wise choice. As a consumer, understanding the different options available before buying such bags is important, since not all materials used in the manufacture of these types of bags are the same. This industry is always evolving, so you can always check our website as it will also be updated as it grows.

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