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Vegan Makeup Bags | Find the Best Vegan Makeup Bag Brands in 2022

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vegan makeup bag While many people still think of the vegan lifestyle in terms of diet, once they fully realize the health benefits of plant based eating they often decide to extend their rejection of animal products into more and more areas of their life. This sometimes starts with clothing, and continues through their choices of shoes, health and beauty products and especially makeup. It used to be common to test makeup and cosmetic products on animals but more and more people are rejecting those options and thankfully a lot of companies are realizing that it is unnecessary.

However, if you truly want to adopt a vegan lifestyle it makes no sense buying cruelty and animal free products only to keep them in a makeup bag made of the highly processed skin of a dead animal, real leather. Thankfully there are a lot of alternatives to using vegan leather and it is now possible to buy Vegan Makeup Bags, manufactured from materials commonly grouped under the heading of  Faux or Vegan Leather which can be made from a variety of materials.


What is Vegan Leather?


vegan makeup bag While Vegan Leather can be made from a great variety of products and it can often be mistaken at first glance for real leather, however all types have one thing in common, they can have no animal products or by-products in the material. That simple fact will allow you to use it with a clear conscience. Many of the earlier examples of Faux or Vegan Leather had a cheap and plastic like feel that was off putting to people. Those that may have wanted to stop using items made from dead animals but still wanted to have quality items that would last and look good were reluctant to buy products that felt like they would fall apart easily.


vegan makeup bag

Thankfully with the concept of living a cruelty free lifestyle becoming more and more popular, many manufacturers are spending a lot of their resources in developing materials that are durable, sustainable and truly animal free. These materials are finding their way to companies that are making genuine vegan products such as clothing, shoes and bags that have no animal components, even down to the glue. There are now more and more Vegan alternatives that are high quality, long lasting and highly desirable.


What is Vegan Leather Made Of?


vegan makeup bag Along with the greater acceptance of the vegan lifestyle manufacturers are embracing the use of alternatives to animal based components and using a variety of materials that don’t even try to imitate leather. Companies making and selling Vegan Makeup bags are turning to Silicone, treated Cotton, and other materials. Silicone is a polymer that is gaining popularity in this field and can be manipulated to take a textured finish and with a pleasant feel, it is unique and different to leather and is durable and versatile. While not easily recycled it can be, making it a desirable alternative to animal products. It is also a lot easier to use in creating unique and different colors and finishes, thus offering a greater variety of choices in design.


Top 5 Vegan Makeup Bag Brands


1. PB Pudinbag


PB Pudinbag is a company out of Hong Kong that has a design and innovation motif revolving around food names. A their delightfully well thought out company name suggests their goal is to bring a little sweetness into your life. Their vegan makeup bags are made from Silicone which they treat with IonPure (R) to make them anti bacterial and are tough and have eye catching designs.

For instance their “Blancmange” vegan makeup bag has a double curved surface enabling it to hold more of your cosmetic products, is fully lined with Oxford Twill and has a YKK Zipper. Because of the versatility of Silicone it is available in ten eye catching colours. Made from 2mm thick silicone it measures 6.5 inches long by 5 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide and is big enough to carry all that you need for the day or even for a trip. It will stay in shape and last for a long time and the beautiful design sweeps across the top making it stand out amongst all the rectangular and square pouches and looks truly impressive.


The Blancmange Vegan Makeup Bag



The Wristlet is a translucent makeup bag based on a more conventional rectangular design, with a silicone strap that can connect to either end of the bag enabling you to connect it to your wrist or your forearm. The makeup bag is available in 5 colors and has a subtle imprint of a leaf on the fabric symbolizing life and growth. The fabric also allows you to make out the contents through the bag. The Wristlet makeup bag is a petite 7 inches by 5 inches by 1 inch and weighs in at only 4.8 ounces but the sleek design and unique fabric make it an eye catching delight.


The Wristlet



Pudinbag’s Small Pouch is a really cute pouch makeup bag with a zipper that covers the entire top of the bag for full and easy access. Available in ten colours and featuring a textured surface the pouch makeup bag is as beautiful as it is functional.


Measuring just 5 inches by 3 inches by 2 inches and weighing just 2 ounces this bag is water and heat resistant, antibacterial, and the surface makes it easy to grip. A great vegan leather makeup bag that you can take anywhere.


The Small Pouch





Another company offering great Vegan Makeup Bags is China based ZJXHPO who, as well as providing beautiful and well made vegan makeup bags, like to also offer a selection of bags with witty and relevant quotations.


The Vegan Bag


Their Vegan makeup pouch is made from 100% animal free fabric with a waterproof coating that makes it perfect for cosmetic and makeup use. Measuring 7.48 inches by 6.49 inches and fully lined, this cute makeup bag defines being vegan with a witty print on both sides.

Definitely a statement while still being a functional and attractive daily carry.


The Vegan Bag



3. Narwey


Also coming from China, Narwey are offering a vegan leather makeup bag in 2 sizes that are available in 14 colors and have a beautiful textured finish. With the large makeup bag measuring a roomy 8.3 inches by 5.5 inches by 3.8 inches it is great for carrying makeup and cosmetics for a trip or weekend away. The soft fabric is water resistant and and the long double zipper extends across the whole bag top. Internal pockets make organizing easy and the large volume allows for carrying all you need.


The Large Bag



Featuring the same design the small makeup bag measures only 6.7 inches by 5.1 inches by 2.7 inches and has the same internal organization as its larger sibling. Both makeup bags are water resistant, beautifully finished and easy to keep clean. The high quality zipper keeps all of your makeup safe and best of all, they’re totally vegan.


The Small Bag



Narwey’s 2 Pack Vegan Makeup Bag set comes with a small and large makeup bag that are offered in a variety of colors and designs. Perfect for organizing your makeup needs and made of soft PU Nubuck Vegan Leather both bags are impressive in their design and appearance.


2 Pack Vegan Leather Makeup Bags





Offering a wide variety of designs and sizes, BAGCRAZY make Vegan Leather Makeup Bags that are feature rich but animal free.


Their Large Retro Makeup bag has a distinct retro feel and is made of High Quality PU Vegan Leather that is easy to keep clean and is waterproof on the outside with a water resistant lining. Measuring 11.5 inches by 8 inches by 4 inches the large bag has a high volume and carry a lot of makeup and cosmetics, however it also comes with a smaller makeup bag for keeping items that are essential within easy each, and that measures 8.3 inches by 4.3 inches. The vivid pattern and quality appearance make it a great makeup bag for everyday carry.


The Large Retro Makeup Bag



The PU Leather Travel Case has a unique triangular design. Made from premium PU Vegan Leather it is fully compatible with the Dyson Airwrap Styler, but is also absolutely perfect for use as a general cosmetic or makeup bag when traveling light. Measuring 13.8 inches by 5.7 inches by 5.4 inches its long sleek design is ideal for packing into hand carry luggage or fitting into an overstuffed suitcase. It comes in 5 beautiful colors and with its gorgeous profile looks great on the makeup table or night stand.


The PU Vegan Leather Makeup Travel Case



5. Lacattura


For true elegant design and quality manufacturing Lacattura offers vegan options in several of their bag styles, including their vegan leather makeup bags and jewellery organizers.


The Vegan Leather Makeup Travel Bag is made from high quality PU Vegan Leather and has a quilted finish that gives it an elegant appearance. Complemented by their logo and a stylish emblem the bag is available in black or Apricot color, and has a top handle as well as an optional shoulder strap for ease of carry. Measuring 10 inches by 8 inches by 3.7 inches this vegan leather makeup bag can carry a lot of makeup while still maintaining an elegant appearance. The lined interior features inner pockets for ease of organization and convenience.


The Vegan Leather Makeup Travel Bag



The Hanging Makeup Bag is also made from premium PVC and high quality PU Vegan Leather and has a more traditional rectangular appearance. However, it still shows elegance of design with a subtle quilted outer appearance, tassel zippers and stylish carrying handles. When closed the bag measures 10.8 inches by 8.7 inches by 4.9 inches and is easy to carry. However, its 4 compartments unroll to an impressive length og 30.8 inches. The vegan leather makeup bag can hang from a towel rail or coat hook, and can display your organized items in the carefully designed pockets and pouches. It is available in 5 distinct colors all featuring matching emblems and logo plates and is perfect for trips or business conferences when you want to have a large variety of makeup and cosmetics available.


The Hanging Makeup Bag



The Double Layer Vegan Leather makeup Bag is also made from premium quality Vegan Leather and lined with nylon. With a rectangular footprint of 11.6 inches by 8.8 inches when closed the bag is 7.6 inches high. However it features two layers, the top one being 3.2 inches high and the bottom being 4.4 inches. This double layer construction allows you to organize your cosmetics, makeup and brushes in separate compartments using the built in partitions. Stylishly the vegan leather makeup bag comes in Red and Brown and features the Lacattura bee emblem printed all over, and features elegant double zippers for convenience.


The Double Layer Vegan Leather Makeup Bag



Leading a Vegan and cruelty free lifestyle goes hand in hand with caring about the environment and about the sustainability of the materials used in production. It is natural to raise questions about the impact of Vegan products on the world and those are valid concerns. With some of the manufactured vegan alternatives it can be a matter of weighing conscience against environmental impact but thankfully more and more manufacturers are looking to make leather alternatives more sustainable and you always have the guarantee that the products have involved no animal cruelty.


Many companies are also concentrating on buying from small companies that pay fair wages and that source their products ethically. With continued research into the use of organic and natural materials and using ingredients made from recycled discarded items buying vegan products is fast becoming the obvious and natural choice.




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What makes a product such as a makeup bag vegan?


A vegan product must have no animal-based components, from the fabric through to the glue and the dye, no animal product or animal by-product should be present.


Is Vegan Leather makeup bag as strong as real leather?


Depending on the fabric used, not usually. Vegan alternatives typically may not last as long as real leather, however as manufacturing techniques improve it is becoming more durable and has the added advantage that no animals suffered in its production.


Is Vegan Leather makeup bag waterproof?


Yes in the sense that they are resistant to showers and airborne moisture, and most products are also coated to increase water resistance. This doesn’t mean they should be submerged in water though and Vegan Leather makeup bags should be wiped and then left to air dry.


Are Vegan products good for the environment?


Natural and organic components are definitely good for the environment. The use of highly renewable resources like hemp, cotton and other plant-based ingredients like pineapple leaves and fruit peel generally have a much lower environmental impact than genuine animal leather. Some of the artificial polymer-based ingredients do have a negative impact on the environment but manufacturers are finding more and more ways to make this better. Using recycled ingredients such as discarded plastic bottles and other innovative manufacturing techniques is addressing this and, of course, vegan products are cruelty free.


How do you clean Vegan products?


Vegan Leather can be cleaned just like animal leather. Even though there are wipes sold for vegan leather, traditional leather wipes will work just as well. Stains can be taken out with a mild detergent solution and gentle cleansing will remove most spots. You should always use lukewarm water and avoid the application of heat either for washing or drying. Vegan leather should always be left to air dry.


Are Vegan Products cheaper than leather products?


As with all purchases you pay according to the quality of the product. Many leather and non-vegan products trade on their brand name and prices are inflated accordingly, but you can get the same quality, style and functionality from items made from cruelty free, vegan alternatives. Often vegan products are less expensive than animal based ones because the manufacturing of the components can be cheaper, and you can appreciate that no animals suffer during the process.


Is it hard to buy Vegan Products such as vegan leather makeup bags?


No! Manufacturers and retailers now appreciate the growing demand for Vegan products, and many items were mostly there already. By adjusting and tweaking production techniques and removing animal products from components such as glues and dyes many products are now vegan, and more are becoming available every day. Even many high profile companies such as Cath Kidston are moving towards leather and animal product alternatives and you can expect more to follow. The impact of using animal based ingredients in product manufacture and diet is becoming more understood by more and more people. You can expect the already huge variety of goods that are now available to become even bigger and with the ability to source fair trade and ethical components from all over the world more and more will come.




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