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The Best Vegan Leather Bags by Dasein Bags

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For a long time, faux leather had a bad reputation. Once someone would hear vegan leather, they would automatically associate them with poor quality. However, if you give it a chance, faux leather sometimes performs better than the real stuff. Also, Dasein Bags offers some of the most reasonably priced high quality vegan leather bags available.


Dasein is a brand that offers beautiful handbags minus animal cruelty. If you spend at least a couple of minutes on their website, you’ll be amazed by both the designs and the price.


So, today, we’ll go over the top best vegan bags they have on offer. I’ll show you 15 different vegan bags from the vegan crossbody bag, vegan tote bag, and vegan hobo bag categories. 


What is a vegan leather handbag?


A vegan leather handbag is any bag that doesn’t feature genuine animal leather and/or doesn’t hurt animals in any way during the manufacturing process. Some vegans are fine with recycled and upcycled leather bags, but most turn to completely animal product-free options.


What are vegan leather bags made of?


Vegan bags could be made from a variety of fabrics including cork and canvas. However, when we talk about vegan leather, it’s usually polyurethane.


Polyurethane is a polymer that was originally made from dinosaur juice, aka oil. However, these days it’s often made from cork, canvas, fake leather, and recycled plastic.


The biggest advantage of polyurethane over genuine leather is that it can become anything the designer wants it to be. It can be made to mimic any texture and thickness, plus it’s easy to color.


As a bonus, vegan leather is recyclable. After your faux leather bag’s lifespan ends, it can become something new in its next life.


About Dasein Bags


Dasein is a subsidiary brand of Lavani Inc. It was founded in California in 2009 with a mission to provide great quality faux leather bag at an affordable price.


They see vegan leather fashion as an expression of one’s individuality and not pasting oneself with a bunch of logos. They hope to change the market into a kind animal-friendly place while inspiring and building confidence in women all around the world.


Dasein vegan handbags are available from major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay, as well through Instagram, Facebook, and on their official website.


Vegan Crossbody Bags


1. Small Cellphone Wristlet Crossbody Bag

Dasein Small Cellphone Wristlet Crossbody Bag

Let’s start with this Small Cellphone Wristlet Crossbody Bag vegan leather bag that everyone should have in their collection. This is a wallet-bag hybrid that can hold all the essentials. At the very least, everything you need if you are just going over to the neighbors’ or the shops. It’s also great for traveling and clubbing.


It has a wallet compartment, a phone pocket, a chain crossbody shoulder bag strap, and a wrist strap.


And just check out that color selection. Next to classic bright and neutral colors, there are also stunning prints.


2. Gold-Tone Ring Crossbody Vegan Bag


Dasein Gold-Tone Ring Crossbody Bag


Dasein knows how to take classic and minimalistic elements and produce a fresh design like this Gold-Tone Ring Crossbody Vegan Leather Bag. A single strip of vegan leather and a smart color combo is all that took to produce a pretty bag like this one.


The base design is simple and quite common for bags of this size. But the things become interesting when the designer started playing with the exterior. The black/brown bag shows it with its classic color pairing that still looks fresh and trendy.


3. Dasein Vintage Unisex Large Canvas Messenger Crossbody Bag

Dasein Vintage Unisex Large Canvas Messenger Crossbody Bag


This Dasein Vintage Unisex Large Canvas Messenger Crossbody Bag is one of the rare Dasein models that’s made from canvas, but the vegan leather details are exquisite enough that it earned its place on this list.


The bag is that classic messenger/school bag size and can easily fit many books. Inside is a special tablet sleeve, as well as a pocket with a zipper. There are a couple of more pockets outside – the big one on the flap and one on the side of the bag.


The vegan leather details elevate this simple messenger. The color options are limited and muted, but the bag still looks cool and fashionable.


4. Tassel Front Zipper Vegan Crossbody Bag



Tassel Front Zipper Vegan Crossbody Bag


This Tassel Front Zipper Vegan Crossbody Bag design has been very popular in the past couple of years, but Dasein decided to put its spin on it.


We start with a small crossbody bag with 3 separate compartments. The compartment in the middle closes with a snap for easy access while the others have a zipper. It’s very reminiscent of a toiletry bag, but a lot more high-end.


Dasein introduces another pocket in the front with cute tassels on the zipper. Useful, but adds a lot to the design.


And we can also find a great selection of colors, with Stone and Dark Green standing out from the bunch.


5. Leather Messenger Vegan Crossbody Bag

Dasein Leather Messenger Vegan Crossbody Bag
The Leather Messenger Vegan Crossbody Bag is one more gender-neutral messenger bag. The bag may seem small, but it can still fit a lot of things. At the very least your essentials can stay organized with the inner pockets.


There’s also an impressive color selection. Some colors combined with the design allow it to be completely unisex, while others give a bit more pizzazz.


Speaking of the design, the brown straps and contrasting textures are gorgeous. They do a lot of heavy lifting to make the bag look cool.


Vegan Tote Bags


6. Solid-Color Emblem Tote Handbag



The tote has a minimalistic and classic design. The only thing that gives it a bit of flare is the pendant with the company logo and the lock accessory. But if you thought that this makes it boring, wait until you see the color palette.


The bag comes in a generous range of colors. Probably the most outstanding one is the purple since it accentuates the hardware. Plus, it’s a very pretty shade.


Inside there are a couple of pockets for organizing, as well as enough space for a tablet and file folders.


7. Dasein Buckles Two-Tone Tote Handbag

Dasein Buckles Two-Tone Tote Handbag


If you are bored with standard tote bag designs, why not try this Dasein Buckles Two-Tone Tote Handbag? It’s for true fashionistas and not the faint of heart.


The contrasting straps are made from the same great-quality vegan leather. Though the buckles are mostly decorative, they are very durable.


Though inside it has only a handful of small pockets for organizing, it’s still big enough to tote file folders and tablets.


This tote is best suited for contemporary yuppies or anyone who likes to look stylish and professional at the same time.


8. Dasein Square Handle Croc Textured Tote


Dasein Square Handle Croc Textured Vegan Tote Bag


This Dasein Square Handle Croc Textured Tote is an interesting way to make a tote. This twist on a classic is a nice reminder that Dasein is not in the business of making boring bags.


This tote can handle a lot. You can fill it with everything including the kitchen sink. It has a pair of buttons on the side so you can expand its capacity. Though you can fit a lot inside, everything can stay organized with interior pockets.


9. Dasein Patent Dome Zip Around Flat Bottom Fashion Handbag

Dasein Patent Dome Zip Around Flat Bottom Fashion Handbag

This Dasein Patent Dome Zip Around Flat Bottom Fashion Handbag electric blue bag is a showstopper. And with its combination of trendy color and classic design, it could brighten any outfit.


The zipper closure is unique and comes with a few perks. Mainly providing easy access to the contents of the bag. Truly something that someone with a disability or mobility issue should look into.


That being said, the bag’s classic design will not go out of style any time soon. As long as you love the color, you can enjoy it for years to come.


10. Dasein Faux Leather Wooden Handle Tote with Sequins

Dasein Faux Leather Wooden Handle Tote with Sequins

This Dasein Faux Leather Wooden Handle Tote with Sequins is a great example of how innovative Dasein designs are. The black and brown already look interesting yet classy but add the sparkling inner bag to the mix and we have something unique. The perforated design of the outer bag shows just enough sparkle from the inner sequined bag.


But as if it was not enough, there’s also a smooth wooden handle. This is truly a rare find and something any fashionista will enjoy.


Vegan Hobo Bags


11. Classic Chain Large Hobo Handbag

Dasein Classic Chain Large Hobo Handbag

This Classic Chain Large Hobo Handbag is probably of the best Dasein models. At first, it will look like a standard hobo, but then you’ll get to notice the details. The hardware is unique and gives the bag a more modern look.


Then we get to the color palette. There is something for everyone – from pastels to bright and neutrals. The MVP is the light blue that highlights the gold hardware.


The bag is fully lined with the main pocket and several smaller pockets for easy organization. All straps are removable, so you can further customize this bag.


12. Dasein Classic Faux Leather 2-in-1 Hobo Bag with Studs design

Dasein Classic Faux Leather 2-in-1 Hobo Bag

You can have it as two bags for the price of one with the Dasein Classic Faux Leather 2-in-1 Hobo Bag with Studs design. Or better yet, a convenient way to move your stuff between bags as needed.


The smaller bag can store all your essential items so all you have to do when switching bags is to move that pouch. It also has a pair of D rings so you can take the chain strap from the bigger bag and attach it to the smaller one.


The big bag is simple but attractive. The open design can help you fit larger items with ease.


13. Striped Corner Patched Hobo Bag

Dasein Striped Corner Patched Hobo Bag

This Striped Corner Patched Hobo Bag is a fun option for summer. The striped bag doesn’t only come in classic white and blue, but a whole rainbow of colors. It’s the type of bag that can give a pop of color to neutrals without overwhelming them.


The exterior is simple and minimalistic, allowing the striped design to shine. The strap and hardware are sturdy, so it could work as a beach bag as well.


The best feature is the double magnetic closure. It makes it easy to pull the things out of the bag but keeps it closed for the rest of the time.


14. Gold-Tone Quilted Hobo Bag

Dasein Gold-Tone Quilted Hobo Bag

It’s time for rock’n’roll. This Gold-Tone Quilted Hobo Bag is wrapped in a gold decorative zipper with a quilted bottom. There’s also a zipper detail on the shoulder strap. It’s a bit busy but not overdesigned.


Inside it has a couple of pockets and separators for easy organization. A bit bad that the outside zipper doesn’t lead to at least one exterior pocket, but the color palette makes up for it.


Next to the usual black and a classic red, there are also a minky grey and a pale mustard yellow. A must=have for a cool spring outfit.


15. Vegan Leather Fashion Hobo Shoulder Bag

Dasein Vegan Leather Fashion Hobo Shoulder Bag

If you are looking for a proper hobo look, this Vegan Leather Fashion Hobo Shoulder Bag is the bag for you. The patchwork exterior looks like something that would get approval from Rachel Zoe back in the day.


The delicate studs give just enough sparkle so this bag can do double duty as both daytime and a fun bag. However, inside it’s all business with plenty of pockets and separators so you can stay organized.


The color palette is not quite as exciting as other models on this list, but they are superb. The brown especially will fool almost everyone into thinking that this is a genuine leather bag.


How do I know my bag is 100% vegan?


Besides the vegan leather, you have to check the lining. It’s rare for affordable bags to have silk lining, but you should still look it up.


Btw, Dasein bags are completely vegan with no hidden animal materials as well as no animal-harming business practices.


Perhaps Dasein Bags are not for you, or you would prefer to keep your options open?  If this, is you, might we suggest that you read some of our other blog posts.  Here is some you might be interested in reading: Review of the Seven Greatest Vegan Purse Brands in 2022“, “The Best Vegan Crossbody Bags on“, and “The 15 Best Matt and Nat Vegan Tote Bags from Canada with Love“.

Why is the Vegan Leather handbag becoming a trend?

Over the years, faux leather or vegan leather has had a bad reputation. A vegan leather product would automatically be associated with poor quality once someone heard the words. Nevertheless, faux and vegan leather can sometimes perform better than real leather when given a chance. Furthermore, some vegan leather bags can be made from recycled and upcycled leather, but most turn to options that do not use animal products.

What makes Dasein bags a good choice as vegan leather bags?

Dasein is committed to providing quality faux leather bags at an affordable price to its customers. Vegan leather fashion is viewed by these people as an expression of their individuality, not as a way to paste logos on themselves. By promoting an animal-friendly market and inspiring a sense of confidence in women all over the world, they hope to change the market for the better.

Are there fake leather bags?

Definitely, yes. This is most especially with real leather bags that is why you should check the lining of a vegan leather bag. While vegan bags with silk linings generally cost more, it is because of this that it is worthwhile to look for a vegan bag with one so that you can guarantee that it is genuine.

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