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10 Best Vegan Luggage Weekender Bags

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vegan luggageIf you are an eco-conscious person looking to take a short trip or go to a friend’s place over the weekend, then a weekender bag is all you need to get your clothes, and other items well organized. In this article, we have researched and gathered 10 of the best vegan luggage brands, weekenders travel bags & duffel bags for you.


1.Doshi Weekender Tote


Starting off our list, we have a travel bags from Doshi, Doshi is known for producing high-quality bags and their idea of giving 5% of the revenue earned from each sale back to charities is one of the reasons why we love this vegan luggage brands.


That being said, one feature we love about this vegan luggage bag is its aesthetic yet minimalistic appearance. The vegan luggage bag is made from premium cross-grain microfiber vegan leather which is constructed to be durable to accommodate all the items you put in it. The bag has a dimension of 19″ (W) x 13″ (H) x 5″ (D), which is large enough to host all your items for that short trip.


The bag comes with only one external opening, and the interior of the bag is sectioned into 5 slip pockets plus a padded laptop sleeve that can hold a 15″ laptop. You can either wear the bag as a crossbody bag (for lighter loads) or as a handbag (for those heavy loads).


Finally, to reassure you about their commitment to the disuse of animal leather, this bag has PETA-approved certification.


vegan luggage

2. Dasien Fashion Embossed Pattern Tote with Matching Wallet


If you want to stand out from the crowd, then this is the travel bags for you. The exterior aesthetics of this bag is a sight to behold; it has a crocodile leather-like appearance polished with a shiny finish.


The bag is made from robust, high-quality leather that is designed to have a tough appearance. The handles and zippers complement the bag with their polished gold-tone finish, which makes the bag aesthetically pleasing.


Besides its eye-catching appearance, the bag features one large zipper which opens into the roomy interior space of dimensions, 10.8 ” (h) x 13″ (w) x 6 “(d), giving you enough room to store a 13-inch laptop. To ensure you properly organize your item, the large interior space is coupled with 2 slip and 1 zipper pocket.


This tote bag can only be worn as a handbag; however, you can be assured to look classy doing that. The travel bags come with a bonus matching wallet which you can use on days when you want to carry on light items. 


3.Labante London Brown Eufala Vegan Tote Bag


If you are in search of a fashionable travel bags that will match any outfit for your weekend getaway or excursion, then this is the bag for you. Labante is known for manufacturing its bags from recycled materials and eco friendly materials, which is one reason why we have them on this list.


The aesthetics of the bag is quite simple; featuring a monochrome brown color with a bow tie and a gold tag that hangs on the handle of the bag to give the bag that feminine vibe. Just like most weekend travel bags, this bag comes with one large opening, which opens into a 12.80(L) x 11.61(H) x 5.39(D) interior dimension which gives you enough room to store all your essentials and clothes.


Besides the large interior space, the interior of the bag comes with three side slip pockets for storing all your minute items for easy organization. One loveable feature of this bag is that it comes with a detachable shoulder strap, allowing you to either use it as a crossbody travel bags or a handbag.


Just like every other Labante vegan luggage brands bag, this bag is manufactured in factories that have a SEDEX certification, ensuring that no animals are used throughout the supply and manufacturing process, and also, ensuring that workers are paid a fair wage.

4. Hycoo Travel Duffel Bags, Sports Tote Gym Bag, Shoulder Weekender Overnight Travel Bags


Whether you are looking to go to the gym or just to visit some friends over the weekend, the Hycoo Sports Gym duffel bags can do either. This eco friendly bag is versatile, and it is designed to have a fashionable yet sporty look.


One feature we love about this eco friendly vegan luggage bag is its spaciousness. The bag has a dimension of 10.63 (w )x21.65(l) x 7.09 (h) inches, which makes it ideal for packing any clothes, large laptops, or sporting items you might need for your next adventure or next trip. It is water resistant and can endure all outdoor adventures you want to embark on.


The interior of the eco friendly bag is sectioned into 4 compartments (the main pocket, 1 interior zipper pocket, 1 mesh pocket, and a wet pocket to keep all your bottles that contain liquids. Depending on how you want to wear it, you can either wear it as a strap-on travel bags or as a handbag travel bags, I mean, the choice is yours.


5. IBFUN Weekender Bag Large Overnight Bag for Women


This travel bags from IBFUN vegan luggage brands is made from faux leather, recycled polyester, and it is one of the most functional travel bags we have on our list. It is affordable, yet the features it comes with are way more than its price.


Starting with, one unique feature of this eco friendly bag is that it comes with a shoe compartment underneath the bag, which saves you the stress of having to combine your shoes and clothes or other items in one compartment, and having to deal with the sole of the shoe dirtying/staining your items. The shoe compartment is waterproof, keeping moisture away from your shoes for a fresh smell each time you open it up.


The main compartment features a dimension of 20.5 “L×9.5″ W×13″ H, which can hold a large 16” inch laptop, and more than enough space for all your belongings for the weekend adventure. The eco friendly bag also features a 9-inch back-side trolley sleeve, which makes it an easy-to-maneuver carry on bag whenever you want to take a flight. The backside slip features a zipper opening that can store other essentials such as documents such as passports, flight tickets, and whatnot.


The eco friendly bag comes with an adjustable strap which can be adjusted between the lengths of 25 to 47 inches, and on days you do not feel like strapping the bag, you can remove the strap and hold it as a handbag. For any purchase you make, you get a free crossbody bag, and a free cosmetic bag, all at an affordable price.


6.BAGSMART Weekender Overnight Bag for Women


Another fashionable eco friendly bag on our list is from Bagsmart, vegan luggage brands. This eco friendly bag is designed to be stylish yet with a simple look and it is versatile enough to be used as a weekend bag, or a carry on bag.


The design of this eco friendly bag is unique from other bags on our list; the design is built to ensure the proper organization of all your items. The design of the bag features four main compartments: a well-cushioned laptop compartment, specially made to hold both large (15.6″) and small laptops as well as, and other electronic devices; it also features two slip compartments for storing your water bottle; a front-side zipper compartment; and the main zipper compartment. Upon opening the main zipper compartments, you will find four more pockets; one wet pocket and three other insert pockets.


The overall dimension of the bag is 19.5(L) x 8.2(W) x 11.5(H), making it spacious enough to contain all your luggage needed for you to have a fulfilled trip. Once you are done packing your items, you can either strap the bag using its adjustable strap, or you can wear it as a handbag. In case you want to use it as a carry on back, you can since it comes with a backside trolley sleeve that allows you to easily place it on top of your main traveling bag.


7. Maison d’ Hermine 100% Cotton Quilted Travel Duffel Weekend Bag


Maison d’Hermine eco friendly luggage brands is known for its quilted floral bags which are durable and aesthetically pleasing, and its weekend vegan travel bags makes it to our list, thanks to its unique aesthetics. The appearance features a vibrant floral print on the cotton material, and a quilted finish to grab the attention of anyone you walk past.


This bag is made from 100% cotton, recycled polyester, making it non-cruel, and it comes with three compartments for organized storage: the main compartment, a front zipper compartment, and a side slip compartment where you can place items you want to access easily. The main compartment features three side pockets (2 slip-in pockets and one zipper pocket) for additional organization.


The bag has a dimension of 17.9 ” (l), 12.6 inches(h), and 7″ (w), giving you enough space for your clothes and any other item. The bag is easy to carry, and it features a robust strap and a handle to allow you to alternate between wearing it as a handbag and a strap-on bag.


8. Steve Madden Designer Carry On Weekender Bag


If you are taking a flight and you want that all-on-one weekend bag that can handle all your clothing and save you the stress of having to strap it on or wear it as a handbag always, then this bag might be what you are looking for. Unlike other bags eco friendly luggage brands recycled materials on our list, the unique feature of this bag is its roller wheels.


The bag is very spacious, featuring a dimension of 20 X 13 X 10 inches, this bag can handle all your items needed for your short-stay trip. The bag is built with a soft side, making it easy for you to fit it anywhere even when it is full. Weighing only 4 lbs, the bag is lightweight; however, it is built with durability in mind.


The bag only comes with one exterior opening, and on the inside, there is only one side zipper pocket to store all your miniature items.


The two roller wheels make maneuvering and handling this bag easy, you can easily drag it along while traveling to save you the stress of wearing it as a strap-on bag or a handbag. That being said, the bag comes with a handle, for those days when you feel like wearing the bag.


9. Saratoga Women Quilted Weekender Duffel Bag


The Saratoga duffel bag is an elegant bag that is fashionable and sturdy. Made from vegan leather accents and recycled materials such as recycled polyester, this bag is made to last, and it features an eye-catching minimalistic design.


Talking about the aesthetics, this bag comes in three monochrome color options, and it features a tassel on one of the handles to make it fashionable. The bag has a quilted finish, which makes it appear luxurious.


Moving away from aesthetics, this bag is designed to be functional. It features a 24 liters main compartment, which translates into 17 inches (l)X 8.5 inches (w) X 10 inches (h), making it spacious to host most everyday items such as clothes, and even a mini laptop. The bag has only one main zipper which opens to the large 24L compartment; the main compartment is complemented with one zipper pocket and two cellphone pockets for all your smaller items.


On the back of the back, you have a backside trolley sleeve eco friendly suitcases, allowing you to easily fasten it on top of your main vegan travel bags for easy maneuverability.


10. Newind Expandable Double Shoulder Weekender Bag


To wrap up our list, we have a bag from Newind eco friendly luggage brands. This vegan luggage bag is a multipurpose bag that can be used for a wide variety of cases such as for office, weekend trips, or even as a gym bag.


The bag is made from a high-quality oxford fabric, which is a soft lustrous fabric that is durable and water-resistant. The exterior of the bag doesn’t have much going on besides the zipper which opens to the main compartment, and the side zipper pocket with the Newind logo on it. The main compartment; however, features three side pockets (2 slip-in pockets and one zipper side pocket) for an easy organization of items.


One thing you will love about this bag is its expandability; you can either have the bag compressed to a dimension of 16.1″ L X 8.7″ W X 11.8″ H, which is even enough to handle most clothes and items you will need for the weekend. However, just in case you need more space, you can open up the bottom zipper and extend the dimension to 16.1″ L X 8.7″ W X 15.8″ H, of additional space.


One unique feature of this bag is its wearing options; this bag can be worn as either a backpack, a strap bag, or a handbag. these three options are something you will not see on most bags. And it makes it easy for you to wear the bag to fit all occasions.




We here at Cruelty Free Handbags ( are experts in vegan handbags.  Yet we also enjoy reviewing other cruelty free bags like those ones designed by creative sellers on Etsy.  But, if shopping for one of these Etsy vegan handbags doesn’t suit you perhaps a different Vegan Tote BagVegan Bucket BagVegan Crossbody Bag, and/or Vegan Hobo Bag from our curated collection of the best vegan handbags online would.


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Frequently Asked Questions:


1.When Should I Use A Weekender Vegan Luggage Bag?


Weekender bags, just as the name suggests, these bags are used for those weekend trips where you do not want to pack many items. However, they can be used as a carry-on or for long-stay trips.


2.How Do I Identify A Vegan Luggage Bag?


Vegan bags are just like every other bag out there; however, the only difference is that these bags aren’t made from animal skin, causing less harm to animals and the environment at large. They are mostly made from recycled materials, plants or synthetic leather or synthetic eco friendly materials such as faux leather, PVC, just to name a few.


3.How Do I Ensure My Vegan Leather Luggage Bag Last Long?


Ensuring that your luggage bag last long is simple; all you need to do includes:


  • Keeping them away from direct sunlight when not in use
  • Clean them with a dampened cloth at least three times a month (especially if made from faux leather).

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