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The Best Vegan Designer Bags in 2022

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The decision to go vegan is one that many people across the world have embraced. For many, this means a change in their wardrobe as well as a change in their diet. The problem is that not all major clothing brands have caught onto this and can provide vegan designer bag lines. There is also the assumption that to stay vegan, you have to go for a lesser brand with cheaper materials and fewer designer names yet that is so far from the truth. So, can you go vegan and designer?


The good news is that there are some great brands offering designer and luxury faux leather vegan bags without any concerns about the materials and ethics of the company. This isn’t always the case, as you will see below. But companies like Nanushka buck the trend by offering impressive minimalist designs and quality items without compromising on their principles. You can learn more about Nanushka later. First, let’s look at the potential problems when searching for a vegan designer bag.


What Designer Bags Are Vegan?


While we can be sure that Nanushka has us covered for a range of vegan bag needs, not all top-end brands are the same. For example, many fashion-conscious people ask about major names like Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, and more concerning their use of vegan materials. There are some red flags here as while some companies pledge to reduce their reliance on certain materials, this still means that they are using animal products somewhere. Also, if Gucci vegan leather is 77% plant-based, what is the other 23% made from?


Thankfully, there are plenty of great names out there with a more deliberate attempt to bring in fully faux leather vegan lines and ensure that their bags are 100% cruelty-free. A big name here is Stella McCartney. Any child from Stella McCartney’s household growing up is sure to appreciate animal rights and vegetarianism, so it is nice to see luxury vegan materials in Stella’s high-end vegan handbag designer pieces.  Stella McCartney has won many fashion awards and has been recognized by PETA.  You will find many of these quality Stella McCartney faux leather bags on our site Cruelty Free Handbags.  For cruelty free luxury vegan handbags, I think Stella McCartney is the most well-known brand. Then there is Nanushka. Before we look at what makes Nanushka so special, as well as some of their best designer vegan bags for 2022, let’s talk a little more about vegan leather.


Why Choose Vegan Leather Handbags


As the whole aim of vegan leather or faux leather is to mimic the real thing, these bags are a great choice for those that are perhaps new to the world of vegan accessories and enjoyed using real leather in the past. You can get a similar look and feel so you don’t feel as though you are missing out. At the same time, you get the peace of mind in knowing that no animals were harmed in the creation of the material. Nothing died for you to have their skin. This is why some designer brands are still problematic even if they have a low-key vegan line, they may also have real cow leather, crocodile, or python skin in their ranges somewhere.


Another benefit of going for man-made vegan leather is that you can get the material in a range of colors. Traditional leather bags tend to come in basic tans or blacks, whereas vegan models can bring in interesting bold colors or pastels for a little more personality. This is why it is surprising that more designer names don’t ditch the high-end animal leather handbag and create bold statement pieces in pleather.


Why Is Vegan Leather Bad?


We can’t discuss all the positive points of vegan leather without taking a moment to address concerns about the environmental impact of the material. Vegan leather is said to be worse for the environment than traditional leather – even if no animals are directly killed as a result. This is because of the chemicals within the leather and plastic-based synthetics. For a start, these take longer to break down than natural leather materials. Then there is the way that chemicals can leech into water supplies during the manufacturing process.


This is all worth keeping in mind when looking at the best vegan designer bag. You may feel that faux leather isn’t quite right, and you may prefer the idea of a different material instead. If, however, you feel that the benefits of synthetic leather outweigh the negatives, you may want to continue and see what brilliant vegan bags Nanushka has to offer.


Introducing Vegan Handbags Designer Nanushka


Nanushka appeared on the scene in 2005 after its founder, Sandra Sandor, graduated from the London School of Fashion. From the start, there was a desire to create clothing that was comfortable and functional but with a high-end feel and a sense of luxury. It remains a modern take on the Bohemian movement and minimalist trends of Hungary.  An integral part of the brand’s development over the years has been an emphasis on sustainability. They wanted to be sure of using sustainable materials and minimizing their impact on the environment, while also being transparent about their goals and ethos with the consumer.


The result of this is a brilliant line of designer vegan handbags that use polyurethane leather rather than the real thing. Despite being seen as a “lesser” material, consumers get a great quality vegan handbag that looks great and makes a statement. Furthermore, these bags are crafted to the highest standards in Italy, where designers work to offer thick and supple materials that look like the real thing and are both practical and tactile.


9 Of the Best Nanushka Vegan Designer Bags in 2022


The range of top Nanushka vegan bags is broad and there are lots of great examples available that show off the sense of style and luxury feel this brand is loved for. The following are 9 of the best vegan bags available right now:


1) Nanushka Jen Vegan Leather Clutch


Nanushka Jen Vegan Leather Clutch Vegan Designer Bag


This Nanushka Jen Vegan Leather Clutch first piece is a stunning piece of sculptural design that will get people talking at any event you go to. The shape is unusual for a clutch bag, in that there isn’t the traditional closure and handle. Instead, there is an interesting triangular shape with dramatic folds and a 7.5inch looped strap at the top. The thick vegan leather is perfect for the creases and shadows and provides a clean and sophisticated look in either the eggshell, crème, or black. With dimensions of 13inches wide and 9 high, it is also practical enough for a night out.


2) Nanushka Ruba Cotton Mesh Shopping Tote


Nanushka Ruba Cotton Mesh Shopping Tote vegan designer bags


This Nanushka Ruba Cotton Mesh Shopping Tote is where that idea of blending function and form comes together brilliantly. At its core, this is a practical shopping that you can take to stores and use to not only carry but also show off your purchases. But it is also an attractive product with clever design features. The standout feature is the vegan leather pouch attached to the front with its secure zip closure. Here you can keep personal items with ease. The thick woven straps have a drop of 7.5inches and the capacity of the tote is 13.75 by 14.5 inches. You can also get this in a combination of black and crème or orange and crème.


3) Nanushka Mini Ruba Cotton Mesh Shopping Tote


Nanushka Mini Ruba Cotton Mesh Shopping Tote vegan designer bags


If you like the idea of the tote with the combination mesh bag and leather pouch, but feel it is a little bit big, this smaller Nanushka Mini Ruba Mesh Shopping Tote could be just what you need. There is a nice sense of proportion here between the size of the leather pouch, the decorative ties, and the length of the cotton mesh. The uniform crème color in both the cotton and the leather also softens the look for something more delicate. You won’t get as much in this 8.5 by 9inch tote and the drop is shorter at 5.5inches, but it is still practical.


4) Nanushka Kingsley Vegan Leather Wallet-on-Chain


Nanushka Kingsley Vegan Leather Wallet-on-Chain Vegan Designer Bags


This Nanushka Kingsley Vegan Leather Wallet-on-Chain is one that will complement a lot of other Nanushka products due to its purpose and style. This is where that idea of luxury and minimalism shines through with the brand’s products. There is a simple faux leather wallet with an embossed lower-care “n”, a gold-effect chain, and matching stitching. It is clean and effective in either the lilac, beige, shitake, or black. That long chain means you can use this as a hands-free bag rather than just a wallet, but it does also detach. The closed wallet is just 4 by 2.75 inches, so it is small but powerful.


5) Nanushka The Bar Vegan Leather Clutch


Nanushka The Bar Vegan Leather Clutch Vegan Designer Bags

This Nanushka the Bar Vegan Leather Clutch Vegan Designer Bag is simple but effective regarding its style. You have a faux leather material that gathers nicely for a feminine look at the metal closure. That metal bar allows the clutch to snap shut for security and has an engraved logo for a little touch of class. If you choose to, you can turn this 14.5 by 7.75inch clutch into a hands-free model with the removable 19.5 drop strap. The beauty of using vegan leather here is that you can get this in a beautiful soft lilac material as well as the classic black.


6) Nanushka Large Juno Vegan Leather Tote


Nanushka Large Juno Vegan Leather Tote Vegan Designer Bags


This Nanushka Large Juno Vegan Leather Tote Bag is another stunning Nanushka design where the company has merged that minimalism, they are famous for with something that will turn heads.  Most leather or faux leather totes will have some sort of tapered shape to attract the eye, but this one is exaggerated with the wide top and the harsh angles down to the base. This is enhanced by the angular black strap. From there, you also get the visual appeal of the embossed name across the front and the shine on the synthetic material. The 25 by 16inch bag is spacious and while there is no closure to the top, there is a secure interior pocket.


7) Nanushka Lamara Vegan Leather Pouch


Nanushka Lamara Vegan Leather Pouch Vegan Designer Bags

This Nanushka Lamara Vegan Leather Pouch is a nice option for those that love the bold branding on the large leather tote but aren’t sure that it is right for their needs. Here you get a much smaller pouch with the same quality black shiny leather and the brand name embossed across the front. It is the perfect option for those that just want to carry a few essentials on a night out as there is a secure zipper across the top, a 4.75inch drop handle, and just enough room at 11 by 6inches. It is one of the more simplistic pieces, but it is effective.


8) Nanushka Anja Baguette Ruched Faux Leather Shoulder Bag


Nanushka Anja Baguette Ruched Faux Leather Shoulder Handbag Vegan Designer Bags

The Nanushka Anja Baguette Ruched Faux Leather Shoulder Bag uses soft faux leather to create dramatic shapes and tactile forms. There is something about this bag’s ruched design where you want to reach out and squish it. When you do, you will enjoy the feel of the synthetic soft pleather. The ruched black material runs all the way across the bag and up around the handle in a clean continuous effect. This shoulder bag is another statement piece. But, with a capacity of 13 by 17inches, you can still use it for your important personal belongings while out to lunch, off to a meeting, or anywhere else.


9) Nanushka Naiya Top Handle Bag


Nanushka Naiya Top Handle Vegan Designer Bags

Finally, we have the Nanushka Naiya Top Handle Bag that takes some interesting elements from other designs to create something bold and effective. The main structure of this bag is the soft leather pouch that gathers slightly at the top. It is 13.78 by 10.63 inches for a practical solution and has thick corded double top handles with a 9.06inch drop. There is then added interest and texture from the mesh around the bag. This flows down from the handles with a nice diamond pattern and a little extra shine. It looks great in the uniform black – understated but impactful at the same time.


As you can see, there is a wide range of styles available here, from the more structural folded clutches and ruched shoulder bags to the mesh shopping totes and more minimal pouches. Each option looks great with the stunning soft leather, color choices, and branding. They are chic and classic with the quality to last. Somewhere among these Nanushka vegan designer bag options, you should find your ideal vegan designer bag for 2022.


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It's a good thing some fantastic brands are offering vegan designer and luxury faux leather bags without worrying about the materials and ethics of the company. Although this isn't always the case, Nanushka's minimalist designs and quality items don't compromise their principles, even though the trend isn't always prevalent.

How can vegan designer bags be identified?

Let’s have Stella McCartney as an example. For any child who grows up knowing her grandmother is a vegetarian and animal rights activist, it's nice to see luxury vegan materials used in Stella's vegan handbag designer pieces. That is why under its name and honesty with the products it offered, Stella McCartney can be easily identified as a designer bag. In addition to winning numerous fashion awards, Stella McCartney has received PETA recognition.

What makes vegan leather handbags one of the best options you can make nowadays?

While vegan leather or faux leather attempts to mimic the real thing, the material is created without harming animals, so it provides you with the peace of mind that you weren't harming animals. Furthermore, vegan leather can be found in a wide array of colors thanks to man-made materials. While leather bags tend to come in solid colors like black or tan, vegan bags can incorporate bright bold colors or pastel prints to give them a little more personality.

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