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The Best Vegan Designer Bags to Please you in 2022

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The secret is well and truly out that vegan materials are perfect for stylish vegan designer handbags. We don’t have to miss out and watch the big names sell real animal leather and skins anymore. With that said, there are now so many top vegan designer brands and beautiful styles that it can become difficult to choose. However, here at Cruelty Free Handbags we make it easier for you to find a high-quality vegan designer bag.  There is something for everyone now, and we are here to help. So, check out our 18 best vegan designer bags for 2022 and see which you feel belongs in your collection.


How Did We Pick the Best Vegan Designer Bags for this List?


We’ll be honest, picking 18 options from our catalog of vegan designer bags at Cruelty Free Handbags wasn’t easy. But the following vegan designer bag choices all tick the right boxes for a stylish and interesting new accessory. For style, we’re talking about the look of the vegan material, the shape, extra details, and the color choices. We all wanted to make sure these choices offered practical solutions for regular use. So, this meant good straps and handles, pockets in the right places, and a good capacity.


We have split this list of the best designer vegan bags of 2022 into four different categories. First up are the vegan crossbody bags, because you can never have too many of these practical and stylish vegan designer bag options in your wardrobe. Then there are the vegan tote bags for those that prefer this look and the tapered structure of these day-to-day bags. From there, we have some cute vegan bucket bags for something a little different. Finally, we have some vegan hobo bags for a whole other aesthetic. Somewhere in here, you could find the perfect new addition to your vegan designer bag collection, or maybe you should choose one of each?


The Best Vegan Crossbody Bags For 2022


 1) Pixie Mood Michelle Vegan Leather Convertible Crossbody Clutch Bag

What we love about this Pixie Mood vegan designer bag as a must-have for 2022 is its adaptability. This is a great crossbody for general use. The 11 x 8.25″ bag has just enough room for essential items and the adjustable 29″ strap lets it sit nicely at the hip. But you can remove that and turn this into a simple clutch with ease.


This is where the softer color choice and the tassel detail on this faux leather and suede bag work best. Also, the interior has a secure zip, interior compartment, and a lining made from recycled bottles. It is a simple choice but effective.


 2) JW PEI Women’s Mini Flap Crossbody


One concern for those new to vegan leather handbags is that you can’t get the same patination and feel as real leather products. But this option from JW PEI shows that that isn’t the case at all. This one mimic crocodile leather with broad scales across the bag, the flap that folds over the top, and the thick strap.


As this is vegan leather, you can get it in a range of fun colors to enhance the texture. It is small at 7.9 x 3.1 x 6.1 inches, so better for a night out. But it is still a practical option as you get two compartments and a push lock closure to keep everything secure.


3) Melie Bianco Carly Vegan Leather Phone Crossbody Bag


If you like the idea of something small and simple for a night out, as well as something adaptable to suit your needs, this vegan leather Melie Bianco vegan designer bag could be what you are after. This stylish and boxy little 4.75 x 2.5 x 6.75 inches bag has a similar crocodile-style pattern to the vegan leather and a nice metal twist-lock closure on the flap.


You can wear this as a crossbody with ease thanks to the 29″ strap. However, there is also a separate 6″ handle with acrylic beads to transform the look. You aren’t getting much in here besides your phone – so keep that in mind when planning a night out.


4) Doshi Little Camera Crossbody Bag


Doshi Little Camera Vegan Crossbody Bag

Next up, we have this really cute option from Doshi. Doshi is a must-have brand for high-quality vegan leather and stylish stand-out designs. This little camera vegan designer bag is perfect for a day’s adventure in the city or out with friends.


The 9 x 5.75 x 4 inches dimensions allow for two separate interior compartments. One for a camera and one for a phone and purse. There are also exterior pockets on both sides. The contrasting panels, thick piping, and matching strap look great in either the feminine dusty pink tones or the bolder bag in red. It is an interesting practical choice that will turn heads.


5) Corkor Crossbody Bag


Corkor Vegan Crossbody Bag

Finally, for these vegan crossbody bags, we had to go with one from a brand we love. Corkor is a leading provider of cork vegan leather bags, which is an interesting and environmental alternative to traditional faux leather. The natural pattern on the material of this two-tone bag shows that cork off at its best for a fun everyday crossbody bag.


This one is more spacious at 9.8 x 7.5 inches, although the strap is shorter at 19.7″. The interior is also quite simplistic with the lined pouch and interior pocket. Just throw in everything you need and have fun on your day out!


The Best Vegan Designer Tote Bags For 2022


 1) Pixie Mood Stylish Stella Tote


Let’s start this list of the best vegan totes by going back to Pixie Mood. We love this brand because they have such a wide variety of styles and options out there. This one is one of the more striking because of its shape. Few totes are this angular in shape. It is something you will either love or hate, but it will certainly get a lot of attention.


The lines are complimented by the shape of the double shoulder straps and the vertical exterior zip pocket. Despite the emphasis on style, this is also a practical choice with a lined interior with dimensions of 18-inches long and 14.25-inches high.


 2) Pixie Mood Rachel Large Vegan Leather Tote Handbag

Alternatively, you might prefer this Pixie Mood Rachel vegan leather tote bag option from the same brand. This one is a little more understated in its look, with a more traditional shape and curved double handles. So, it should work with more outfits for general use.


It is also a larger bag, with a 23 x 15″ capacity. This could make it more practical for days out when you don’t want to confine yourself to just essential items. An added bonus here is that you get a free matching zippered pouch. You can use this in the tote for valuables or perhaps as a separate make-up bag.

 3) ALDO Women’s Jerilini Top Handle Bag

This next ALDO bag is borderline in terms of calling it a tote. It blends styles and features so well that it is hard to categorize. But it does have that large, tapered interior and carry handles like more substantial totes. A key difference, however, is the flap and closure over the top. While this does mean you can’t throw items in as you would other totes, it is secure and a bit classier.


The texture of the vegan leather panels adds to that vibe and the pom-pom gives that extra something for nights out. If you prefer, you can alter this into a crossbody bag for hands-free use via the 23″ strap. This one is certainly one of the most versatile on this list.


The Best Vegan Designer Bucket Bags


1) Corkor Cork Bucket Bag


Corkor Cork Bucket Bag

Let’s start this section on the best bucket bags by looking at Corkor again. This brand has a signature material and style. So, you should find that this is the perfect companion for the smaller crossbody mentioned above. This one is for when you need something more rugged and spacious, perhaps for a night away.


The strong natural cork and metal feet give this 11.4 x 11 x 6.3″ vegan designer bag a great structure. You also get additional pockets inside, including a key holder, and a choice of colors. This is certainly one of the more reliable options and shows that vegan designer bags aren’t just about style.


 2) Melie Bianco Tami Vegan Leather Bucket Bag



Melie Bianco vegan leather bucket bags don’t have to shout for attention or go over the top with features. Sometimes, it is nice to just have a product that is strong, beautiful, and ready when we need it. That is the case with this vegan leather option. The spacious interior opens up via a nice snap closure. The supple brown vegan leather then allows for smooth folds and a lovely shape.


There isn’t much else here in the way of details or extra features. But there is an exterior pocket and an adjustable strap to turn this into a crossbody bag. It deserves a second look.


 3) Katie Loxton X-Large Drawstring Bucket Bag

Moving over to Katie Loxton, we have something a little more feminine with some great features. The dimensions and drawstring closure on this bag mean that it definitely qualifies as a bucket bag. But you also get a softer feel and a long strap to turn it into a convenient vegan leather crossbody bag as well. It measures 11 x 10 x 5.5 inches for just enough room for day-to-day use.


The feminine look of this option – compared to the tan vegan leather and cork – comes from the cute pebble texture and cool muted tones. There aren’t the same practical features in the interior as some other bucket bags, but you should still be able to carry everything you need.


4) Katie Loxton Mini Drawstring Bucket Bag


Alternatively, you might prefer a smaller option from Katie Loxton. This one is very pretty with the soft vegan leather, the same pebble texture as the larger bag, and the way the drawstring tie falls in front of the bag. You can pick your preferred color and wear this around town with pride.


Although more compact, you can still get all you need in this 8 x 6.5 x 6.5″ bag. There are also the beneficial features of the magnetic closure, the soft faux suede lining, and the long strap for a cross-body fit.


The Best Vegan Designer Hobo Bags


 1) JW PEI Women’s Gabbi Ruched Hobo Handbag

You can’t go too wrong with this vegan leather bag from JW PEI. For a start, the ruched faux leather comes in about any color you can think of. You can find bold colors and softer tones where the folds in the supple material look amazing. You might even choose to get a series of them to match different outfits.


This 9.6 x 2.4 x 5.1″ vegan leather bag will hold all your essentials for a night out, with a helpful magnetic closure for extra security. There is also the benefit of the faux sued lining and the interior patch pocket.


 2) BROMEN Women Handbag Designer Vegan Leather Hobo Handbag

This alternative option from Bromen is a little more spacious. There is a length of 14.17″ and the same again in height, so more than enough room for a purse, phone, and more. A nice aesthetic detail here is the secondary color along the sides to accentuate the curves.


You also get an adjustable strap, allowing for a crossbody fit, and a matching wallet for coins, keys, or other valuables. This clips to the vegan leather bag for safety. This one is a nice blend between the classic hobo shape and more structured crossbody so should be practical for many occasions.


 3) Realer Ladies Hobo Bucket Bag Purse


Here, we have a vegan leather hobo bag designed to be a little more practical than some of the others on the list. There are lots of pockets this time, with two side pockets and one at the back. The brand also states that the large interior of 12.4 x 11 inches is ideal for a tablet.


This turns this into a work bag more than one for leisure, and the deep tones of the vegan leather and matching straps add to that vibe. You aren’t going to take this out on date night, but it could come with you into your next business meeting.


 4) SCARLETON Purses for Women Large Hobo Bags

If you want a vegan leather hobo bag with more of a rock star look to it, you can’t do much better than this option from Scarleton. This sleek but structures hobo-shaped bag has lots of metalwork with the rings for the handle, the studs, and the zips for the exterior pockets. You can dive into that vibe with the dark black faux leather, but there are lots of other colors too.


The interior measures 14 x 5.5 x 9.5 inches, so it is not the largest hobo bag but not small either. This quality piece could become a trusted friend very quickly.


 5) Montana West Tote Bag for Women Large Concealed Carry Purses



This is classed as a vegan leather hobo bag for the structure and the way that the bag gathers up by the handles. But it is also more of a spacious bucket than other hobo bags. It has a large interior and metal feet on the bottom to help it stand up. Inside it is more organized than a bucket bag, as you have 6 pockets to make use of.


The unusual extra feature that we have to mention here is the gun holster for concealed carry. If you are licensed and want that extra protection for your firearm, Montana West has you covered here. Whether you use that or not, this is an attractive bag with lots of color choices and lots of potential.


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What Makes These Top Vegan Designer Bags Vegan?


All of the products listed here are certified vegan because there are no animal products involved in their creation. These bags use alternative materials, such as PU leather (otherwise known as vegan leather or faux leather) or cork, to create materials with the look and feel of the leather – just with none of the cruelty.


Will These Vegan Designer Handbags Last as Long as Real Leather Ones?


We get it. You want to get a designer piece for your collection that you can use and cherish for years to come. The best designers will use materials that replicate the durability and toughness of real leather, so you have nothing to worry about. In fact, some alternative faux leather (otherwise known as vegan leather) is less prone to cracking and wear than the real thing!


Are Designer Vegan Bags Still Practical?


Yes! You can still get beautiful vegan leather bags from top names that have the space and interior pockets you need for a night out or day-to-day use. Many also come with additional strap options so you can wear them in alternative ways as needed.


There Are Vegan Designer Bags for Everyone?


This list highlights our favorite brands and models in totes, buckets, crossbody, and hobo bags. Hopefully, one or more of these stands out to you as a must-have. Whether it is the style, practical design, or a combination of all three, you can find the ideal vegan designer bag.

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