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Vegan Labtop Messenger Bags

Find Out The Best Vegan Laptop Messenger Bags on Amazon

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Laptop bags are essential for anyone who’s always on the go, but alas, they’re not the most stylish and easy to carry around. Most are designed with function in mind, with style taking a backseat. But if you don’t want to sacrifice style and function, it doesn’t mean you won’t find anything in the market.

Vegan Labtop Messenger Bags

Amazon is a vast marketplace that offers a wide range of fashionable laptop bags that add style to your look. But most importantly, it’s the best place on the world wide web to find vegan messenger bag that are cruelty-free. Get to have a functional, durable, and stylish laptop bag without the guilt.

Why Choose a Vegan Laptop Messenger Bags?


Leather laptop messenger bags are beautiful, durable, and last a lifetime. However, real leather comes from slaughtered animals, like alligators, cows, goats, ostriches, and the like. Though the look and quality of real leather are superior, animals’ lives are sacrificed and before they’re slaughtered, they often experience vicious and harsh treatment.

Vegan faux leather bag is made of synthetic materials, such as polyurethane, that is made in a laboratory, making them cruelty-free. No animals are harmed in the process so there’s no guilt about carrying vegan messenger bags made of materials that were once alive.

Vegan Labtop Messenger BagsAside from being cruelty-free, vegan messenger bags require fewer processes and resources in manufacturing. This results in environmentally-friendly vegan faux leather that doesn’t add to the world’s climate problems. Real leather takes time and resources to turn into usable material for bags. The skin from animals needs to be cleaned, dyed, and processed, while carcasses and other wastes end up in landfills.


Being cruelty-free, environmentally friendly, and more affordable than real leather, vegan leather is the guilt-free option that’s just as functional, trendy, and durable.


5 of the Best Leather Vegan  Messenger Bags on Amazon


If you’ve never bought a vegan messenger bag before, then you’re in luck. We’ve gathered 5 of the best vegan messenger bags found on Amazon, featuring different kinds of materials and designs we are sure you will love.

From pink-colored vegan messenger bag to faux leather laptop bags that convert into a satchel, take your pick from these options that take your laptop and tablets from the office to the street in style.

1. Targus Vegan Laptop Messenger Bag



Targus is a brand that has been around for over 35 years. They are known for their high-quality and versatile bag solutions, offering an insight-driven approach to everything they do. This 15.6″ pink messenger bag can be carried in 3 ways: use the grab handle, use the longer shoulder strap as a shoulder bag, or use the rear strap to attach to a trolley.


The material of the messenger bag is made of polyester, which is a synthetic fabric known for its durability and versatility. Polyester is also water-resistant, making sure your laptop and other devices are safe and sound inside even when you’re walking under light rain. With polyester, the Targus laptop messenger bag is made vegan and guilt-free.


Other features of the best vegan bag include the following:


  • Versatile

You can store a 15″ laptop in this vegan bag, as well as other items in the multiple compartments in the interior. The foam-padded laptop compartment is designed for laptops but you can place a tablet, a smartphone, and other devices inside if you’re not carrying a laptop. Even if you’re not using the bag for electronic devices, you can still use it to carry files, notebooks, documents, business cards, keys, and other essentials. It may be designed as a laptop vegan bag, but it can also be used as a regular shoulder bag.


  • Ergonomic

The vegan bag doesn’t just have a laptop compartment but it has smaller slots for other items such as power banks, notepads, chargers, and more. Various smaller compartments help to organize your things.


  • Design Details

The polyester material is made of top-grade fabric that’s reinforced with superior stitching, making it durable and long-lasting. It also features a contoured metal zipper for easy opening and closing, as well as strong closure in case you fully utilize the messenger bag space.


Overall, this laptop vegan bag is an ideal option for anyone looking for a laptop vegan bag is made in a different color aside from black or brown laptop messenger bags that are commonly found. It’s also recommended for anyone who needs a messenger bag is made with several smart compartments for easy organization


2. ECOSUSI Laptop Backpack Bag for Women



You’ll do a double-take when you see this best vegan messenger bags in person because it looks like actual real leather. This ECOSUSI backpack laptop messenger bag for women comes in brown, but also in other colors like black, grey, and blue in a faux leather texture that looks just like real leather. It can fit a 15″ laptop, plus other essentials in its smaller compartments, keeping your laptop and other items safe and organized.


The vegan faux leather material bag is made of PU or polyurethane, which ensures it is cruelty and guilt-free, with no animals harmed or used in the production. It may look like real leather but it’s made from a material that’s made in a lab.


Other features of the leather messenger bag include the following:


  • Versatile

Use the vegan messenger bags in two ways: as a hand-carry satchel, or as a backpack. The shoulder strap are adjustable and detachable, so you can use the grab handle if you don’t intend to use the long shoulder strap.


  • High-Quality Construction

Just because it’s not made of real leather, doesn’t mean it’s not durable. The ECOSUSI bag is made well-constructed with a highly experienced workforce with the highest standards of construction. It features one main zipper compartment, plus 6 other compartments, with the main compartment featuring pads that keep a laptop safe and protected. An exterior front pocket also makes it convenient to store a smartphone while also making it accessible.


  • Roomy Interiors

The vegan messenger bags is spacious and roomy, allowing you to store and carry several items, such as a 15-inch laptop, mobile phone, notebooks, documents, wallet, and small items such as keys or pens.


Real leather messenger bags are aesthetically pleasing but they’re made from the skin of slaughtered animals. Though that alligator bag looks exquisite, you’ll know you’re using a messenger bag made from the skin of a purposely-killed animal. The ECOSUSI vegan leather backpack has the pigmentation and texture of actual leather but without guilt and cruelty.


With a perforated design in the middle, detachable sleeves, and multiple compartments, it’s a beautiful laptop vegan messenger bags for women who love the classic and timeless look of brown leather but without the harsh reality of killing an animal for a piece of leather.s


3. ECOSUSI Vegan Leather Laptop/Briefcase Bag for Women



ECOSUSI offers a large range of vegan messenger bags for women that we couldn’t help but feature three of their products in this list. This material is also made of PU or polyurethane, making it guilt and cruelty-free but still comes in a texture and overall design that resembles actual leather.

The design features a briefcase style with a detachable bow. it also features multi compartments that make it easy to store and organize your items.


Other features of the bag include the following:


  • Vintage Design

The overall style of the vegan messenger bags resembles a vintage leather satchel bag. With a detachable bow, you can use it with or without, giving you two style options. The shoulder strap are also detachable, so you can carry it with one hand on the grab handle, or as a shoulder bag. This vegan bag comes in rich brown with a real leather texture but other colors are also available for anyone looking for more color.


  • Well-Constructed

ECOSUSI is committed to offering long-lasting and highly durable leather – vegan messenger bags that are made with the highest standards of construction. The PU leather is made with premium stitching, reinforced by top-quality brass hardware, and magnetic locks.


  • Spacious Interiors

Aside from the padded main compartment that can hold a 15-inch laptop, the vegan bag also features a small zipper pocket, 2 small slip pockets, and one core compartment. A satchel that’s made to be a laptop bag, this ECOSUSI offering can also be used as a daily school or work vegan leather messenger bag.


A laptop vegan bag that’s stylish and trendy with its vintage appeal, it’s more than just its vegan leather design. The ECOSUSI laptop briefcase bag serves its purpose well while also giving you a trendy look that’s classic and works for a wide range of use.


4. Kamlui Laptop Bag for Women



For women who want something more professional-looking without anything too bulky or technical, the Kamlui laptop vegan messenger bags for women is a great choice. It comes in a range of colors, offering styling possibilities for work, school, or business. It also comes with a small ornament in the form of a bow, which you can detach.


The vegan messenger bag can carry a 15″ laptop and make of PU or polyurethane leather, ensuring the vegan laptop bag is cruelty-free.


Other features of the bag include the following:


  • Water-Resistant Nylon

The vegan bag is made of water-resistant nylon that keeps everything inside safe and protected from light rain or accidental water spillage. It’s a highly durable, synthetic, and high-quality material that provides superior strength to handle a laptop and other items.


  • High-Quality Materials

Aside from the main PU leather material, the vegan messenger bag also makes use of high-quality zippers, buckles, brass hardware, and lining. The main compartment is padded with upgraded foam padding to make sure the laptop and other electronic devices are safe inside the vegan messenger bag.


  • Spacious Interior

Aside from the protective and shockproof built-in laptop compartment, it also features larger capacity compartments to store a charger, mouse, and tablet. You can also place documents, magazines, a mobile phone, and a water bottle inside the vegan messenger bag with its multiple pockets. In total, there are 8 independent compartments to store and organize your things.


  • Contemporary Design

The vegan bag design is modern, trendy, and professional. With other colors and patterns, it’s a stylish option for anyone looking for a different take on laptop vegan messenger bag.


The Kamlui laptop vegan bag is a great option for anyone looking for a modern take on a stylish bag. It’s made of PU leather and water-resistant nylon, ensuring you it’s vegan leather, as well as featuring durable construction that ensures high quality and long-lasting us



5. ECOSUSI Crossbody Satchel


The ECOSUSI crossbody satchel is a vintage-inspired messenger bag that can store electronic devices such as tablets and mobile phones. It comes in a brown vegan leather color resembling real leather, making it a stylish bag that’s perfect for anyone who loves the retro look.


Made of PU leather, it guarantees the material is fully and guilt-free, as well as being durable and made with high-quality construction.


Other features of the messenger bag include the following:


  • Mulitple Comparemtnes

The messenger bag is not made as a laptop bag but it can hold 12-inch tables like the iPad mini or Air, as well as other devices such as chargers, mobile phones, folders, and makeup bags. It also features an outer pocket for easy accessibility.


  • Vintage Design

The overall look of the design is retro but with a classic and timeless style. It comes with a top handle, brass hardware, and zipper closure, with magnetic snaps.


  • Study and Stylish

ECOSUSI is known for producing high-quality and durable bags with excellent construction, and this messenger bag is no exception. It features premium stitching and durable brass hardware for long-lasting use and high-quality wear.


Our last messenger bag on the list is made of PU leather that’s cruelty-free and guilt-free but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have the same durability and quality as real leather. It’s just as excellent as real leather, but without the guilt of wearing something that comes from an animal that was killed just for a piece of leather.




If you’re looking for the best vegan laptop messenger bags on Amazon, you don’t need to look elsewhere to find the best options. This list gives you great messenger bags that are made with vegan leather so you won’t feel guilty about carrying a bag from an animal that was slaughtered for fashion.


PU leather is made in a lab and is highly durable, so you don’t need to worry about the quality and efficient construction because the brands we feature offer some of the best in the market.

Choosing cruelty-free vegan leather means you’re not only saving animals from getting killed for their skin, but you’re choosing laptop bags that are safer for the environment since fewer pollution results from their production.


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Is Vegan Leather Durable?


Yes, vegan leather can be durable depending on the brand. Some companies offer excellent vegan leather bags while others offer low-quality materials. When buying a vegan leather bag, choose products from reliable and well-known companies.


Are Vegan Leather Bags Stylish?


Yes, more and more people are buying cruelty-free bags today because it prevents companies from engaging in the slaughter and mistreatment of animals.


Do Vegan Leather Bags Last Long?


It depends on the construction. If the bag is well-made with superior construction and stitching, then yes, they last long as long as you take care of the bag.


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